(Video) Mola Asegedom, TPDM commander, defects from Eritrea


September 11, 2015 - Last week on Monday, the merging of TPDM (Demhit) with AG7 under the leadership of Dr Berhanu Nega had caused a bitter anger among the followers of the previous leader Mola Asegedom.
Fast forward to a few days later, four days to be precise, the Tigraway ex-leader and his deputies have run to join their in-laws in Mekelle, Ethiopia.
From the beginning, the controversial decision surrounding Eritrea's help to yet another Tigrian group was not taken lightly by all Eritreans.
The news of Ayte Mola and the rest of his Ayte colleagues decamping from Eritrea's territory for good would certainly delight most Eritreans who hated the presence of the group inside their country.
It is estimated that around 400 Ayte Mola's companions have crossed to Ethiopia via Sudan with eight 4x4 land-cruisers which they have abandoned it in Hamdaat Sudanese region.