Ethiopian Man Killed by Oakland Police

By ECADForum

Yonas Alehegne , an Ethiopian Immigrant was fatally killed by Oakland Police Officer on Thursday August 08, 2015 outside of 383 MacArthur Blvd (corner of Van Buren) in Oakland. He was mentally ill and homeless and known to neighbors as a humble and kind young man. Yonas had stayed in the laundry room and struggled with mental health issues for years. Yonas was asleep in the basement of the building, while the owner of the building called a police.Ethiopian Man Killed by Oakland Police

When the police arrived, she started fighting with him and shoot him more than five times. While Yonas was struggling on the ground, a licensed Nurse begged the police officers to let her help him. But the police officers wouldn’t allow her. It took more than 20 minutes before Emergency Response arrived on the scene and applied CPR on him.

A badge is not a license to kill anyone let alone a person who was struggling with a mental health issue. We demand justice for Yonas and our community.

The shooting death of our innocent brother Yonas is the latest example of the use of excessive force by the police officer against a black man. The media is telling us only one side of the story. We demand there be a swift and thorough investigation into the incident and the immediate dismissal of the officer involved in the shooting in order to give his family some amount of justice. We as a community and his family deserve justice and an assurance that further incidents will not occur to us.

SPREAD THE WORD and get people involved. Tell everyone you know who thinks YONAS deserves justice, in spite of his “troubled past”. Circulate this petition and get everyone you know to SIGN!