The failure of TPLF to expand terrorism referred as a secret to Ethiopia’s counterterrorism success

The failure of TPLF to expand terrorism referred as a secret to Ethiopia’s counterterrorism success
“Obama has expressed keen interest in learning from Ethiopia’s counterterrorism and counterinsurgency strategies” declared the caption on the opinion of Dr. Mehari Muru, which he called the “Ethiopian Doctrine” on CT and COIN.

By Teshome Debalke

Aljazeera posted “The secret to Ethiopia’s counterterrorism success” on July 31 2015 by Mehari Taddele Maru , a specialist in international human rights and humanitarian law, an international consultant on African Union affairs, and an expert in Public Administration and Management, according to AJ.

What did I tell you about Experts TPLF lined up to make fairytale real? Since I conceder myself expert in fairytale of TPLF, I am telling you again TPLF stooges are flipping everywhere you look. Have you seen a comedian with a PhD in your lifetime? Here I will present to you Dr. Mehari Taddele Maru with implacable credential that turned comedian.

According to Mehari’s ‘opinion’ (in reality it is practiced by TPLF) instigated by Obama’s visit to Ethiopia to plug in an empty propaganda to the world.

Here he goes;

On “Dealing with terrorism”

“Security cooperation is an area of high interest for the US in Africa.

Obama has repeatedly expressed his administration’s keen interest in learning from Ethiopia’s counterterrorism (CT) efforts and its counterinsurgency (COIN) strategy, which I call the “Ethiopian Doctrine” on CT and COIN”.

He went on explaining “Ethiopian Doctrine”;

“Under the Ethiopian Doctrine, politics precedes and leads the military and criminal justice systems. Traditional military-led COIN and CT strategies (including peacekeeping missions) cripplingly depend on the expeditionary army, whereas the Ethiopian Doctrine focuses on liberating areas for local communities to organise, arm themselves, and fight back against terrorists.

It also focuses on traditional narratives of solidarity, thereby promoting credible voices and messages of hope against despair.

Additionally, the counterinsurgency soldiers must always follow and support the political and civilian officers. Thus, political work and community development advances before military operations.”

It goes on with more hogwash under the title ‘Subsidiarity principle’, ‘Pockets of stability and sustenance’ and Mobile military command posts’ to reinforce his bizarre Doctrine of success that need no wasting time here. But, he summarized the TPLF intelligence and military terror network as a success and sounded the principle author of the TPLF Doctrine counter- oppositions framed as terrorism, but again; everyone is terrorist under TPLF. For the record, TPLF regime is the only regime in the world that labels every opposition that threatens its tyrannical rule terrorists.

Regardless, you can imagine how and where to start with such bizarre fairytale coming out of ‘specialist in international human rights and humanitarian law’. Just as I said before; expect more comedians to show up.
Therefore, it is better to start from the ‘specialist’s background to see the whole picture of the man little known for an average Ethiopian who came from nowhere to tell us the ‘success of counterterrorism’.

On this particular ‘Opinion’ the man presented himself as ‘specialist in international human rights and humanitarian law’ for an obvious reason. But, you can find him in many other roles; his specialties stretching from security and peacekeeping specialist, mediation and reconciliation, economic development, education and democracy promoter to mention the few.

He is the Founder of African Rally for Peace and Development (ARPD) based in Addis Ababa that claims to be “a civil society organization engaged in advocacy and campaigning, education and research, partnership and networking, as well as dissemination of information on peace and security, justice and human rights, development and a safe environment”

He is also referred; as Program Manager for African Conflict Prevention and Risk Analysis at the Institute for Security Studies, Addis Ababa University and Director of the Addis Ababa University Office for University Reform. He also seats on the Board of Directors of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church Development Commission and associated with African Initiative for Democratic World Order, an NGO in Addis Ababa.

Google plus profile him Dr. Mehari Taddele Maru as Teshager Mehari with a storyline “Born in 1974 in the principal site and at the time of a protracted, devastating civil war in Ethiopia, the northern region of Tigray, witnessed at an early age the human rights violations and forced disappearances of his close family members, including his father and maternal grandparents and the negative impact of devastating war on the livelihood of the local population”.

He is also an expert in development affairs of Africa. In one of in his work titled “Development Initiatives for African Diaspora: the Case of Ethiopia as an Executive Director African Rally for Peace and Development he founded, it appears he is the principle that designed the regime’s Diaspora policy under the Ethiopian Foreign Ministry-Diaspora Affair office he consult from Bank Account for Diaspora and remittance transfer to Diaspora Investment and NGOs working on Diaspora and more, according the undated initiative outlined on his personal blog.

Another interesting Media he regularly contribute articles is Horn Affair, the English, Amharic, Afan Oromo and Tigrigna publication. It is not clear why the Horn Affair publish in English and three Ethiopian languages and calls itself the Horn Affair. It would have been appropriate to call it Ethiopian Affair. But again; with almost no internet access to the general population who is asking and reading the publication and what the mission of the publication may be.

With all his credential in human right, peace and conflict resolution and democracy… and more and in the aftermath of the 2015 Ethiopian Election that netted 100% of the vote for TPLF run regime; not one word in the insecurity TPLF gangs posed on Ethiopia or Ethiopians mentioned anywhere in his fairytale opinion (nor his other research findings) what the world can learn from “The secret to Ethiopia’s counterterrorism success”.

In reality, if he was true to his profession; the title would have read “the secret of Ethiopians that prevented TPLF terrorist plots”

Aljazeera’s failure to do due diligence to find out and inform its readers on the other roles Dr. Mehari play including in the security/peacekeeping operation of the ruling regime in the African Union is unfortunate. But, Aljazeera opinion makers on Ethiopia are as bizarre as whoever feed them the rubbish coming from many direction that cry for investigations.

On ‘Subsidiarity principle’ he talks about;

“Trust-building, understanding fears, and sharing a common vision is at the centre of this approach, but more importantly, it embraces the principle of subsidiarity that requires that any and all external actors should be backup supporters of efforts by internal forces and local communities in the fight against terrorism.”

The last thing the regime does is trust building. The people of Ethiopia had no fear of terrorism but, the regime that terrorizes them as it is documented by many. It appears Mehari is catering for Western policy makers and Arab depots to dole more money and diplomatic cover on the atrocities of the regime to extend its rule. .

On ‘Pockets of stability and sustenance’ He talks about;

“While traditional anti-insurgency strategies focus on controlling territories and populations, the Ethiopian Doctrine focuses on public deliberations, training, arming, and establishing administrative units in liberated areas to ensure their own peace and security.”

Here it appears he is talking about the regime militias that are causing havoc on the population against Ethiopian oppositions and has nothing to do with terrorism.

On ‘Mobile military command posts’ here he talks about;

“It prioritizes a greater use of mobile field headquarters and command centres meshed in the community – centers that are primarily designed to support the local communities in their efforts against terrorism and to provide extra muscle when their efforts are outgunned by the enemy”

Here he is talking about TPLF Agazi force posed as Federal that comes out for peaceful demonstration to assassinate key leaders to destabilize the struggle for freedom. Again, the terror force is fighting for the regime survival in the name of fighting international terrorism.

But, in a rush to milk President Obama’s visit to plug TPLF’s terror practice as success in counterterrorism what he called ‘Ethiopian Doctrine’, he exposed the inner working of TPLF’s intricate terror network, propaganda machine and corrupt economic organizational structure. And, the similarities with the Fascist’s Musuloni’s security, propaganda and corruptions machine of the 1920-40s is telling.

For instance, George Seldes, an American investigative journalist, foreign correspondent, editor, author, and media critic best known for the publication of the newsletter In Fact (1940 to 1950) in an article The Fascist Road to Ruin: “Why Italy Plans the Rape of Ethiopia , documented the Fascist controlled propaganda machine.

“In almost every American newspaper office in Rome there is a fascist spy-journalist at work. If such a man is found out and fired, and a non-spy engaged, the fascist foreign police, through a special Cheka department (once presided over by Dino Grandi), pays or terrorizes the new Italian assistant to spy on the American journalist. Every interpreter and even the Italian office boys in American offices are visited by the secret service of the Foreign Office, and made to report to Grandi and his successors, and eventually to the ex-journalist Mussolini.

There is not a single non-fascist newspaper allowed in Italy. No one can therefore make propaganda for non-fascist ideas, foolish things like liberty, democracy and freedom. Yet at the same time fascism has a fund of 50,000,000 lire to use for buying up papers abroad. Every pro-fascist Italian newspaper in foreign lands is bribed and corrupted by the fascist government.

With the complete party control of the nation’s press, the fascisti went a step further and passed a law making it impossible for a non-fascist to hold a newspaper job. The deputy Amicucci, head of the newspaper syndicate, said:

“There no longer exists any official liberal organ, but there are several so-called liberal papers owned by bankers and industrial leaders. They must change their color or disappear. We spare the lives of those who have consented to join the regime.”

It went on;

“Mussolini is doing everything to bring his dictatorship into favor. Every British and American newspaper editor or owner of importance gets a good handshake and from a minute to an hour in the Venetian Palace. Politicians, especially the loud blathering ones, likewise. For the resident journalist repeated doses of propaganda on the one hand, careful Cheka surveillance on the other; the censorship; discouragement for those who do not sympathize with fascism. Americans and British who get to know some hidden opposition politicians somehow do not remain long in Rome. When a new arrival is honest enough to say he came to do honest work, to report both sides of things impartially, he is put under a special surveillance immediately. He certainly is given to understand objectivity is not desired.”

He goes on;

“The lives of foreign journalists can run smoothly only if they avoid altogether any political subject wherein credit is not implied to fascism, implicitly or explicitly, and confine themselves to recounting the archaeological discoveries in Herculaneum, or Lake Nemi, and the activities of visiting Americans. If they give both sides of a question involving anything of a political nature, the task is complicated by the necessity of devising ruses to elude the censorship, and this means adding to the police dossier. All dispatches sent out by foreign correspondents go to the Foreign Office to be copied. One function of the Foreign Office, called the “Revisions,” is to read everything. If anything displeasing is found the cable is held up till next day so that its value is lessened, more often destroyed. Sometimes the censor garbles up a dispatch so it arrives ineligible. When merely held up, the message is sent back to the telegraph offices sometimes, and the telegraph official telephones the correspondent to know if he still wants his item sent. When journalists protest against the censor, the censor blandly denies he had anything to do with the delay and says it was due to an error in the telegraphic service; which the telegraph director dares not refute, though he knows it to be a lie.

The foreign correspondents would much prefer an open to a secret censorship, but Mussolini prefers to pretend there is no censorship at all.”

Similar control is documented with the means of the economy of Fascist

Fascism by Sheldon Richman

“Theoretically, the fascist economy was to be guided by a complex network of employer, worker, and jointly run organizations representing crafts and industries at the local, provincial, and national levels. At the summit of this network was the National Council of Corporations. But although syndicalism and corporativism had a place in fascist ideology and were critical to building a consensus in support of the regime, the council did little to steer the economy. The real decisions were made by state agencies such as the Institute for Industrial Reconstruction (Istituto per la Ricosstruzione Industriale, or IRI), mediating among interest groups.”

There is no explanation why TPLF in the 21st century wanted to replicate the Fascists blue print on Ethiopia and no one knows why people like Dr Mehari and many other want to skirt it posed as expert of one thing or another as successes. The fact Obama or some foreigner praised the regime or not is irrelevant to the reality of the regime bend to terrorize and robe the nation and her people.

It is clear for one and all by now; there is nothing independent in the nation under TPLF led regime; be it the courts, security, civic society, Media, business or education and religious institution. But, by what measure the ‘good’ Doctor came up with the regime’s terror network as success in counterterrorism to be learned by others is mindboggling if not comedy.

As the regime extends its terror network across continents—hacking independent Medias and Ethiopian Americans’ personal computer was not enough. When the economy — building high-rises with stole concrete, land and money told by snake oil sales men is a success is not enough. When the election won by 100 % told by seating duck Board members as a success is not enough. The last thing we expect from Harvard-Oxford educated PhD is — TPLF terror network is a success to be exported in other countries to terrorize other people. What is it; an insult to the sensibility of Ethiopians or simply ታጥቦ ጭቃ?

Here is where Ethiopians in general failed. Call it fear, politeness or simply giving up on our people and country; we failed to organize to put every stooge that runs over us where he or she belongs.

As to Dr. Mehari’s opinion, I can only say; if Western education can make a person walk backwards in defending tyranny in the 21st century; reeducating a whole generation is in order.
Once again, as the Nigerian writer, social critic, freelancer and author of ‘Can Nigeria Bake Her Own Bread?’ Tony Osborg said;

“If you are a Nigerian professor and your professorship cannot be felt practically in the Nigerian society; then to hell with your professorship!”

In that note, I will tell all including Mahari; the hell to your empty credential. You would be better off without it.