The Agony of TPLF stooges clowning to save the Al-Qaida in Abyssinia regime

From left to right: Awramba Times Editor Dawit Kebede, EBC media Dassesa producer Selam Mulugeta and Zami FM CEO Zerihun Teshome

To see three Woyane comedians dissect President Obama recent visit to Ethiopia is like watching the rerun of the three stooges—you never know what you going to get.

By Teshome Debalke

Comedy is a funny business. It is only good to make us forget the real world laugh about it. Comedians are unique people too in that; you don’t take them seriously when they make a jock out of you.

Some people are not cut out for comedy. They have no sense of humor and take comedians seriously to get mad. But, when comedians take themselves seriously, it is whole other different ball game.

Take the American comedians in the mid–20th century known as the Three Stooges and best recognized for their numerous Columbia short subject films. The Three Stooges were commonly identified by their first names: “Moe, Larry, and Curly”. They were notorious to suspend what little narrative structure their pictures possessed in order to insert a number of gratuitous jokes. But, they were successful for long time because they were unconventionally funny.

Woyane comedians are the same– hilarious not for their jocks but clowning to be serious journalist, politicians, academician, businessmen …. Imagine the three stooges turn into a journalists, politicians or academician… analyzing world politics, economy and social science. They probably still make us laugh more than what they do as a real comedians but no one will take them seriously.

That is why our version of –Curley, Larry, Moe, — Dawit, Selam and Zerihun were hilarious on the EBC Media Dassesa program posted on Awramba Times and many other stooges’ online Media.

Zerihun (Moe) is clowning as the intelligent stooge with a narrative of’ we Ethiopians’. Dawit (Curley) is the cry baby stooge with a narrative of ‘the extreme Diaspora’ and racist Neoliberals spoiling for Al-Qaida in Abyssinia regime. Selam (Larry) is the clueless stooge that goes for ‘whatever can save Woyane goes’. The Program — Media Dassesa itself is funny. It sounds more a contest between the stooges Medias who best can save the Al-Qaida in Abyssinia regime.

Our version of the three stooges comedians go on and on dissecting Obama’s trip to force-fit TPLF’s wishes and demonize the oppositions — reassuring each other; the Al-Qaida in Abyssinia regime is tough, democratic, developmental state — growing the economy and democracy by two and three digits respectively.

Zerhun (Moe) looking a serious intellectual from the character in the three stooges —analyzed politics in depth telling the two stooges about world politics.

He is the CEO of Zami FM Radio, the first private FM Radio licensed by Al-Qaida in regime and the husband of Mimi Tsebhatu the official owner of the station. He is also the general manager of Iftin, a weekly Amharic language publication, according to Nazret Blog.

Iftin was a product of the 2005 election that left Woyane empty handed to go in the killing spree. Therefore, Zerhun’s Iftin and his wife Mimi’s Zami were creations of TPLF under a short leash of Asmelash Woldeselassie and Zeray Asgedom, TPLF Central Committee members that control the Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation. No Media in Ethiopia can operate without the permission of the two TPLF warlords.

Dawit was a real journalist before he turns into a drifter – a refugee and tourist until he decided to turn into TPLF correspondence and. Selam, the young TPLF recruit is working for EBC Comedy Production Company.

There are many other comedians around the world and more opening for comedians if proven to do a good job of making Al-Qaida in Abyssinia look good. Some amateur like TG TV stooge in Diaspora that couldn’t cut it as candidate yet are putting out impressive comedy to showcase their talent and join the collections of TPLF stooge-comedians.

That is not all; the entire Medias that replaced the independent Medias since the 2005 election are replica of what clowns refers as the private press. They even have a Union of clown Journalist. It is like watching comedy all day long as real news that turned the nation as one big comedy club with TPLF Comedian Production Company putting out the best comedian stooges.

Take comedian, Zerhun with his comedian wife Mimi that run FM radio in Amharic language that can only reach Addis Ababa area audience and him with a newspaper in Amharic language that circulates in Addis Ababa area. Both are Tigriyans and member of TPLF or Al-Qaida in Abyssinia.

Dawit also run an Amharic a-English online Media that can only reach those with internet access. He is also a Tigrian and member of TPLF. Therefore, they came on EBC TV TPLF warlords run to reach Ethiopians in the Amharic language to tell us the oppositions are not only hopeless but, terrorists. The wise stooge Zerhun said; it is a matter of time before Obama says America is going to help the Al-Qaida in Abyssinia regime to fight Ethiopian ‘terrorists’. If that is not a comedy rerun of the Three Stooges proportion I can’t think of what it could be.

Honestly, you can’t blame Dawit, journalism was a tough business for him. He has always been a drifter since Al-Qaida in Abyssinia came to power going in-and-out of sleepwalking and never planned to join but, TPLF comedians overwhelmed him. You can see him visibly constipating to say the right things but, since he kissed his profession good bye he is stuck i.e. you can join Al-Qaida but you can’t get out it.

Truthfully, I don’t exactly know what he did in the Diaspora to have a hero welcome and win a prestigious award as a journalist and turn into a comedian stooge overnight. His official excuse was because he is Tigrian and blaming the Diaspora as racists. I don’t even see what racism have to do flipping from a journalist to a stooge comedian. But, for a TPLF stooge blaming Ethiopians racists is like blaming Obama for the crimes of the Grand Wizard of KKK. It was an over kill only TPLF comedians dare to pull.

But, you got to admire the stooges’ tenacity operating in a bubble for these long. Even children swiveling in a fairytale snap out of it when they reach adult hood. All of us go through sleepwalking from time to time and wake up from our day dreaming but, the three stooges look like they are in it permanently.

Let me try to understand what the stooges are saying. Are they saying TPLF or Al-Qaida in Abyssinia’s crime is going to be buried under a stolen concrete by stooges like them on EBC?

As I was to finish up my, I notice “Ethiopia Prosperous” slogan pasted on EBC’s Media Dassesa program where the three stooges’ were clowning. For a second; I thought it was part of the comedy show until it dawned on me it is in the English language and wondered who it was intended for. I quickly figure it out, TPLF stooges are not only humorous but seriously think they can save the Al-Qaida in Abyssinia regime clowning their way out of the Tsunami coming.

But again, if you think about it, TPLF stooges clowning worked all these years. Take the poison of ethnicity the Al-Qaida in Abyssinia brought and look where we are. They didn’t want us to speak Amharic while they wouldn’t speak anything but Amharic. Listening to the three stooges Zerihun (Moe) Dawit (Curley) and Selam (Larry) on EBC you would think they are patriotic Ethiopians that would call TPLF Al-Qaida in Abyssinia, but they are calling us terrorists. We got to admit, the stooges out clown us for far too long and continue to do so.

Expect more and more humorous stuff to come your way soon from all kinds of stooges to save Al-Qaida in Abyssinia regime. I just noticed one of the stooge Media posting an announcement Amharas in Diaspora to come on the Diaspora Day to invest. I wouldn’t be surprise if Dawit and Zerhun shows up claiming they found their lost Amhara father and switch their ethnicity.

Even better, don’t be surprised if they say the late Al-Qaida in Abyssinia leader Meles Zenawi resurrects from death as a new Ethiopian to praise PM Halemariam for the good job of clowning the population on behalf of him while he was away. After all, Legese that turn into Melse of Tigray turned into Jesus like messiah of Ethiopian among TPLF stooges. The Great Leader that liberated the people of Tigray from Ethiopians refused to get buried among ‘his people’ and now the stooges tell us the Al-Qaida in Abyssinia regime is an elected government of Ethiopia by 100%.

The question is, is there a sane Woyane out there not sleepwalking to tell us the Al-Qaida in Abyssinia regime is not a government but a terrorist organization and gets it over with.

Hoops, I forget what President Obama said about the Al-Qaida government. If I remember correctly, the last time a US President said Al-Qaida in Afghanistan was freedom fighters we know what happened.

Therefore, when I saw the three stooges make the best out of Obama’s visit to save the Al-Qaida regime, I said to myself; when are the clowns going to understand Ethiopians are under the Talban regime of Woyane?

Looking dumb and dumber to cover it is not hip thing to do.

John Steinbeck, the American Nobel Prize winner for Literature –recognized as “a giant for his classics in Western literature wrote in East of Eden

“Sometimes a man wants to be stupid if it lets him do a thing his cleverness forbids”

Watching the three stooges wanting to look stupid to cover for ‘Al-Qaida in Abyssinia’ regime, I was not sure if they are robots or real human beings. But, I am 100% sure they are one hell of comedians. Unfortunately, there are many out there; mostly in hiding.

As the saying goes, you can hide behind Al-Qaida but you can’t hide from the truth — knocking on your door.

I can only say; have a sleepless night my little stooges — clowning around to slow down the freedom train might sooth your pain temporarily but, it wouldn’t stop it from running over you. It is better to run than being run over.