When the Going Gets Tough… Observing shady reporting or wishes

When the Going Gets Tough… Observing shady reporting or wishes
July 11, 2015

By Teshome Debalke

Freedom is a tough business. Just about when the article ‘ESAT’s best contribution is choking fake Mediafrom spitting out the truth’ I wrote was posted I read Ethiopia Review’s wish “Ethiopians in Los Angeles to boycott Shabia-Ginbot 7 fund raising” on Saturday written by lone ranger journalist Elias Kefle.

Quite frankly I laughed at first but couldn’t help but be amused how little Elias and his like think of Ethiopians. No, there is nothing wrong questioning Ginbot 7 relationship with Shabiya that is not new accusation and the right of every Media to do. But, to claim; “Ethiopians in LA to boycott” sounds more I Elias wish Ethiopians boycott G7 fund raising. After all G7 didn’t force people to come .by threatening them like Woyane does come or else. Therefore, the title should have been I Elias of Ethiopian Review wish Ethiopians boycott Ginbot 7 fund raising because I believe G7 association with Shbiya is not good.

And it goes on;

“My sources in Los Angeles have informed me that the Ethiopian community in Los Angeles is boycotting the Shabia Ginbot 7 fund raising event that is planned for Saturday.”

This should have been, ‘my friend in Los Angeles told me he wishes Ethiopians boycott G7 fund raising events planned for Saturday.

It went on;

The reasons for boycotting the Shabia-sponsored Ginbot 7 fund raising are: 1) the refusal by the Shabia regime in Eritrea to free Ethiopian patriots it has jailed, 2) Ginbot 7 becoming a puppet of Shabia, 3) Ginbot 7 surrendering Ethiopia’s interest to Shabia, a sworn enemy of the people of Ethiopia, 4) spreading false propaganda, and 5) enslaving and murdering young Ethiopians who went to Eritrea to fight Woyanne.

The boycotting of Shabia-Ginbot 7 events around the world will continue until Shabia is rooted out of the opposition camp.

It should have been; ‘My call for boycotting G7 fund raising is 1) Shabiya refuse to free my associates it arrested when I was working with it 2) I believe G7 is not good enough than me 3) I believe Shbiya is a sworn enemy of me and my associates by extension the people of Ethiopia because I am Ethiopian. 4) I believe it is spreading propaganda on Woyane by extension Ethiopia, and 5) I believe; Shabia is enslaving Ethiopians and murdering them because I am not in command to protect them.

Therefore, I will call all my friends around the world to boycott G7 events until Shabia talk to me and associate to take charge.

The lone ranger journalist and self-professed freedom fighter Elias of Ethiopian Review is everything, and everywhere. He is journalists, freedom fighter, human right advocate, political leader and a judge, prosecutor and more. He reminds me our people saying “እኔው ብቻ ልግዛ ሆነና ነገሩ ደግሞ በሠማይ ቤት እንዳያስቸግሩ’

Elias Kefle is not alone. Abrha Belai of Ethiomedia also lives in his own virtual world. On his latest news titled;

“Ethiopia accuses Eritrea of war provocations” with a video clip of PM Hailemariam addressing Woyane Parliament
It should have read; ‘Woyane accuse Shbiya provocation’. Even the PM Hailemariam said Shabia not say Eritrea.

But the news read;

‘SEATTLE (Ethiomedia) – Ethiopia warned on Tuesday that it may go to war against Eritrea because of what the prime minister called Asmara’s ‘destabilizing’ activities in the region’

It should have read I Abrha Belai of EthioMedia wish ‘Woyane stay as Ethiopian government to war with Shabia before Ethiopian freedom fighters namely Arbegnoch- Ginbot 7 overthrow Woyane’.

He went on

“Addressing the parliament on Tuesday, Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn said his government has been informing the international community of its concern about Eritrea’s war-provoking activities in the region”.

It should read; What took Prime Minster Hailemariam to accuse Eritrea so that I can change the subject to Eritrea-Ethiopia instead Arbegnoch- Ginbot 7 – Woyane to prove Ethiopian freedom fighters are Shabia supported terrorist group as PM told the international community.

“The independent ESAT TV reported that Hailemariam’s address came in the wake of Ethiopian rebel attacks in northern Ethiopia”.

It should read; ‘what I have been wishing come through; Shabia Supported ESAT-TV confirmed when Halimariam address in the wake of Arbegnoch- Ginbot 7 attack in Northern Ethiopia’.

“ESAT has been reporting that Arbegnoch Ginbot 7 rebels had inflicted heavy casualties on Ethiopian troops in several days of fighting along the border.”

It should read; ‘I was waiting for Woyane to say something about Shabia before I report what ESAT has been reporting about Arbegnoch- Ginbot 7 so that I can link ESAT with Shabia.…

“Ethiopia’s government spokesperson Getachew Reda on Monday dismissed ESAT’s report as fictitious, but the Prime Minister’s new accusations against Eritrea justify the authenticity ESAT’s report that the Eritrea-based combatants have engaged Ethiopian forces.”

It should read; EthioMedia like Woyane spokesperson Getachew Reda dismissed ESAT’s report as fictitious before we confirmed it from the PM accusation of Shabia to the authenticity — ESAT is Shabia Media so Eritrea-based combatants that engaged Woyane forces conformed our suspension.

Quite frankly, I think Ethiopian Review and EthioMedia merged because of G7 association with Shabia in one big 2 men Media Company like Fox. But, they would last long before they split over who is going to be the boss. If you think about Ethiopian’s problem is reflected by the two comedian-Medias with a combined experience of over 40 years but, still playing with mud like children on important work of the Media. Elise appears close to breakdown. His virtual government already put all Ethiopians that disagree with him in prison and Ethiopia Review the only Media in the country telling us what to do.

Abriha Belai appears struggling to come out his village mentality and his obsession with Eritrea-Shabia.

He also has an obsession with foreign Media searching any news from foreign source but wouldn’t touch anything Ethiopian except occasionally from Woyane controlled sources that serves his wishes. Both, after all this years couldn’t put together a Media with half way decent reporters but recycle gossip that wouldn’t Ethiopians to be informed about their country Ethiopia under Woyane. Instead, their love-and-hate with Eritrea and anyone associated with are their obsession. It appears they are diverting Ethiopians from Woyane just like the TPLF led regime.

Biniam Tewolde’s email messageTake for instance TPLF hacker that is hacked red handed. His name is Shaleka Biniam Tewolde (pictured) a TPLF operative in the INSA (Information Network Security Agency under Debre Tsion Gebremichael).

The Woyane agent Biniam Tewolde’s email message to the Hacking Team:

Dear HT,

It has been almost two months since we lost our control of more than 30 agents.
These agents are very critical for our operation. So far we could not restore control of those agents.

Before some days, Danielle has told my colleague that restoration is not possible.

We once again ask HT to do all their best to restore the control of agents.

Besides we want all the information about the hosting company, and contact persons of the company.


Instead of looking for Binyam and the 30 TPLF agents in North America and Europe and elsewhere they are diverting us on other issues to detract us from ending Woyane rule. How come—after so many years of wasting our time they couldn’t find anything about so many things TPLF does right where they are based?

An amateur like me can find corrupt TPLF operatives everywhere in North America and Europe. Therefore I decided to write article on my new found Media Ethiopia Politico to divert the issue.

Ethiopians in Los Angeles to boycott Woyane’s-Ethiopian Review

Los Angeles (Ethio Politico) My sources in Los Angeles have informed me that the Ethiopian community in Los Angeles boycotting the Woyane-Ethiopia Review.”

The reasons for boycotting the Woyane-Ethiopia Review are: 1) the refusal by the Woyane regime in Ethiopia to free Ethiopian patriots it has jailed, 2) Ethiopian Review becoming a puppet of Woyane, 3) Ethiopian Review surrendering Ethiopia’s interest to Woyane, a sworn enemy of the people of Ethiopia, 4) spreading false propaganda, and 5) enslaving and murdering young Ethiopians who refuse to join Woyanne

TPLF accuses Eritrea helping Ethiopian Liberators to end its occupation

‘SEATTLE (Ethio Politico) – Woyane warned on Tuesday that it may go to war against Eritrea because of what the prime minister called Asmara’s ‘destabilizing’ Woyane’s activities in the region. ’

Addressing the parliament on Tuesday, the figure head Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn said his TPLF handlers has been informing Susan Rise of their concern about Shabia’s war-provoking activities in the region TPLF have been loyally fighting international terrorism on the order of your excellency”.

The independent ESAT TV reported that TPLF Figurehead Hailemariam’s address came in the wake of Ethiopian Liberators attacks TPLF position in northern Ethiopia”.