TPLF stooges might as well abandon ship before they spill more blood needlessly to avoid the unavoidable

TPLF Dictators

TPLF stooges might as well abandon ship before they spill more blood needlessly to avoid the unavoidable

I don’t know what language TPLF understands. The apologists are not helping translate it in a language it understands. Ethiopians told TPLF in 80 plus languages it is rubbish that doesn’t worth recycling. The opportunities to clean up and do the right things passed — gone forever. As the saying goes ‘take it while you can’ is over-and-done with. Now the bullets started flying — crying Shabiya… Shabiya… help… help is not a brave thing to do like wishing God to reverse the clock back.

The cruel reality of life — ‘you get what you asked for’ is making Woyane irrational to shoot its way out of its predicament. Surprisingly, call it human nature or complete stupidity the apologists don’t understand wrong from right too busy to get their head out of their ass back onto their shoulders to think hard.

All of us experienced at one time or another at the individual level — some people no matter what don’t get it in their head when you tell them a car can’t run on blood. But, if they are dumb enough to insist it does and if there is nothing you can do but see — when they fill the tanks with blood and find themselves in a ditch and cry for help.

That is what TPLF stooges are doing when they going get tough. We all are partly to blame not to tell them from the beginning TPLF stinks all the way. Instead, we kept giving them mixed signal and they keep on crying help… help… Shabia is coming, terrorist are coming against Ethiopians as if to say they are not terrorists but democratically elected regime. It is like as bizarre as an intruder jumping in through the window in your house while you are eating with your family and telling you, your families are intruder I am you uncle.

I found one funny group called ETHIOPIAN IN DIASPORA DISCUSSION FORUM GROUP, a TPLF stooges pal talk room hiding behind their screen like terrorist. They claim to write letter to the President in support of his trip to Ethiopia on behalf of Diaspora, according to Aiga Forum.

I don’t understand why they are scare to hide their identity from the public like terrorists. For all we know they could be from Cuba. But, they should have come out in support of the President’s trip in front of the White House like other Ethiopians did on July 4 and hand their letter with their name on it. Instead they write anonymous letter to the President like they have been doing for decades from their hiding and they live in the free world. I beat you if the White House was in Alaska they probably will come out. But, Washington, they rather get caught dead than show their faces. What are they afraid of?

If you are scared to show your face, identify yourself by name or terrified somebody will find out, A. You are doing something no good that can land you in jail, B. You are a criminal fugitive avoiding from being arrested C. You are a TPLF-Woyane member ashamed of what you are doing and don’t want anyone to know D. All of the above.
But, I got to give the stooges some credit, on their welcome message on their pal talk page that reads;

“It is our great pleasure and honor to welcome you to Ethiopian Forum! Respect toward one another! Emeye Ethiopia Lezelalem Tinur!!”

I was shocked to see they abandoned the ethnic divide slogan of TPLF and adapted ‘”Respect toward one another and ‘Emeye Ethiopia” For a second; I thought they were some of my people I saw on ESFNA festival. But, quickly found out they are TPLF operatives to confuse us in the name of ‘Emeye Ethiopia’-patriotism by day and TPLF assassins by night. It reminds me of our people saying- የሌባ ደረቅ መልሶ ልብ ያድርቅ.

Speaking of የሌባ ደረቅ, there are many TPLF assassins in hiding — pulling our legs with all kind of rubbish like pal talk gorillas. The worst of them all are the gorilla investors. Again it reminds me of our people’s saying ‘የቄስ ሚስት አወቅሽ አወቅሽ ሲሏት መድሀፉን አጠበች”

How is it If I steal your money and land and call it investment what does it makes me; Investor, economy growing transforming Emeye Ethiopia loving Diaspora, a Emeye Ethiopia or a TPLF conman gorilla? I leave it for them to answer.

Here is the problem with TPLF stooges. They think Ethiopians are stupid to know every TPLF is a conman robbing our people in daylight, especially those in the Diaspora. In fact, if you are not conman you can’t join TPLF period.

Personally I wouldn’t have issue to call the regime the Federal Ethnic Conmen Republic led by TPLF warlords. At least we would know the truth and deal with it. ‘Emeye Ethiopia’? Conmen have no Emeye, everyone is ‘Emeye as long as it helps them pick pockets.

Therefore, let me get things straight so that you wouldn’t pull our legs with your bullshit of saying ‘Emeye Ethiopia’…Agre Ethiopia from your hiding. Every Ethiopian know stink when we smell it.

Many of us tolerated TPLF conmen all this years until they stench us out of our homes and country. Little did they know; we knew what they do and who they are and where they are hiding. They also thought they are smart enough to outsmart us. Little they knew we can outsmart a fox out of its hole.

I have repeatedly advice Woyane to surrender in peace while it can many times before. As they say; you don’t tell dumbasses what to do, but, kick asses (excuse my expression). The kicking got started and the world will see who will be standing.

In life, we all go through desperate times of our own making or beyond our control. We did what we can with in our control. But, TPLF stooges still bluffing and can’t blame anyone for their sorry ass but themselves. If I am a TPLF stooge I will abandon ship before my ass burns and take the next bus out –saying –adios gringos –see you’ll later in the next life. Throwing firebomb from your hiding will not save you.

Take the dumb and dumber stooges crying for help already. I just heard the Woyane official Getachew Reda officially telling the World; the Obama Administration is going to save us from Ethiopians. I can’t wait until I get it translated and send it to US Congress and the Media so that they can ask the Obama Administration to clarify if the official’s statement is true. The dimwitted Woyanes think just because they are scared to their pants to open their mouth it doesn’t mean nobody would know what they say.

Woyanes appear to be disoriented. The TPLF warlords more so — hiding under their beds; telling the clueless Prime Disaster mixed messages. The dude is visibly scared; afraid his handlers can hacked his brain to see what he thinking. I thought the gallant Woyane bluffed it’s tough. Already it is wetting its pants picking fight with Eritrea than facing Ethiopians.

A stooge run Awraba Times had a headline ‘Hailemariam Desalegn: Zero tolerance for any act of transgression by the regime in Eritrea’. I laughed thinking ‘አፌ በበላኝ’ The poor PM couldn’t read the script written for him and the poor stooge Amramba’s journalist couldn’t find tell the difference between Eritrea from Ethiopia on a map his legendary late warlord drew for him; here we are two stooges talking zero tolerance before the heat started. I beat you he picked it up form some politicians in America I can’t remember who it was. I can only say ሲሉ ሰምታ ዶሮ ታንቃ ሞትች?

I think Abe Tokicheaw is going have field days with TPLF stooges on his program like I am having here. There is so much to say I don’t know where to start. But, as long as the stooges are hiding and don’t say stupid things about Ethiopians they can shoot all they want from their hiding as TPLF warlords do.

There is a time for everything; now is the time for Ethiopians and no one will change that reality especially from their hiding.

You beat your ass my little TPLF stooges; Emeye Ethiopia Lezelalem Tinur. You wouldn’t say the same about your treacherous TPLF even from your hiding.