Hacking Team & The Woyane regime email exchange: EXPOSED!

Hacking Team & The Woyane regime email exchange: EXPOSED!

By ECADForum Staff
July 7, 2015

Leaked internal emails show Hacking Team dropped support for Ethiopia after CitizenLab and Human Rights Watch reports.

Hacking Team internal email exchange:

Dear all,

I’m receiving ongoing pressure from the Ethiopian client to resume the relationship that came to an halt after the CitizenLab/HRW reports.

I think that we all agree that we should interrupt any business with them due to the recurring media exposure and resulting technical issues.

Their reckless and clumsy usage of our solution caused us enough damage. What’s worst is that we can be sure that if we allow them to continue, more will come.

I would like to have your opinion on this and eventually on how to communicate this decision both with the customer and the media, if appropriate.


Hacking Team internal email exchange:

Hello David,

The meeting with Biniam is over.
Despite the way we are used to know him, let me say this time was very collaborative.
He understood the consequences of the actual situation and why we had to react the way we did.
We explained him that we are facing issues with all our customers.
With reference to its specific case, we agreed the following:

– Wait of the input from our government
– If feedback is positive, he “promised” to comply to any security features/requests we may require.
– We’ll quote some additional training and certifications related to the security measures and practices that have to be followed in order to reduce the future risk of new issues.


The Woyane agent Biniam Tewolde’s email message to the Hacking Team:

Dear HT,

It has been almost two months since we lost our control of more than 30 agents.

These agents are very critical for our operation. So far we could not restore control of those agents.

Before some days, Danielle has told my colleague that restoration is not possible.

We once again ask HT to do all their best to restore the control of agents.

Besides we want all the information about the hosting company, and contact persons of the company.