Ethiopian rebels launched major offensive in Northern Ethiopia

Ginbot 7 rebels on the move in Shire, Ethiopia

Arbegnoch-Ginbot 7, Ethiopian rebels coalition that is operating in Northern Ethiopia, launched major offensive on government positions in Tigray regions, reported ESAT in a breaking news coverage.

ESAT cited spokesperson and political affairs head of Arbegnoch -Ginbot 7,Zemene Kassie, as a source.

According to the report, Kafta Mesil, Urjamo and Maisegel areas of Tigray region came under what looks like a conventional military attack from the rebels on Thursday July 2,2015. On the side of government,24 division of the army,federal special forces and special armed forces engaged the rebels in an effort to repulse the attack. And the fighting lasted for four hours and the rebels claim major military victory.

Over fifty government forces are reportedly dead and at least sixty are wounded. Number of deaths and wounded could be higher than reported according to ESAT. However, the extent of causality on the side of rebel forces is not disclosed.

Based on ESAT report,it seems the case that the fighting is going on in a different battle front in the Tigray region of Ethiopia.

So far there is neither confirmation nor denial of the report on the part of the government of Ethiopia.

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