Ethiopia Police: 30 Armed People Killed on Eritrea Border

Arbegnoch-Ginbot7 rebels on the move in Northern Ethiopia

(AFP)–An Ethiopian police official says police killed 30 armed people who tried to illegally enter the country’s territory from Eritrea.

Assefa Abiyu of the Ethiopian Federal Police Commission told the state-affiliated Fana Broadcasting Corporation that Ethiopian forces have taken measures against fighters believed to be trained and supported by Eritrea. He added that a number of them have been arrested and said the nationalities of the victims is unclear.

The killings follow warnings this week by Ethiopian Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn, who told lawmakers that Ethiopia will take measures to punish the Eritrean government if it feels provoked.

Ethiopia has no diplomatic ties with Eritrea, which broke away from Ethiopia in 1991 after a civil war that lasted three decades.

Source: ABC News