Ethiopia: The Bitter Pill of Obama’s Speech

The Bitter Pill of Obama’s Speech
July 30, 2015

By Tsigereda Schwoerer

I agree that Obama made a good speech but the reality is that Weyane is getting more funds and strength by the same people who play lip services. More fund for Weyanes means more repression against the poor people of Ethiopia yet, to continue.President Obama twice called the government of Ethiopia “democratically elected”

Obama spoke about the need for Democratic openness, respect to the Rule of Law and the need for elections to be more inclusive and democratic in nature instead of, being held for “formality”. However, there is no guarantee to make on the propositions by Obama made to hold the Weyanes accountable. Last March during the “budgeting conference on the Post SDGs 2015 goals” that I spoke to some higher officials at the UN and some government officials from Europe and Africa regarding the lack democratic governance in Ethiopia. They all sounded concerned and pointed out that the government should be responsible and ought to take a corrective measure or audit itself (literally) of its wrong doings regarding bad governance, human rights violations and/or economic injustices otherwise; they implied that people must fight for their rights. In other words, that “YOYO” i.e., you are on your own.

I can’t agree more on the latter recommendation that the people must fight for Democracy. Currently, literally it seems like that no one cares about human rights violations in Ethiopia since, every one is hungry to exploit and expend Ethiopia’s natural resources and the overwhelming cheap human capital. The UN sponsored Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) post 2015 “Financing for Development Conference” that was held in Addis from July 13-16, 2015 where all the various global stalk holders of businesses such as, hedge fund managers, Private equity firms, endowment firms, governments, the Bill Gates of the World, China & India have committed to raise $trillions of dollars is about to invest in Ethiopia/Africa in the name of fighting poverty. In reality, the investors are the one who would prosper exponentially as they partitioned Africa and exploit its natural resources while causing African poverty continues to persist and while endangering and degrading its environment. Please check the link below “Countries reach historic agreement to generate Financing for new Sustainable agenda.” “The agreement was reached by the 193 UN Member States attending the Conference, following negotiations under the leadership of Ethiopian Foreign Minister Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus.” Obama’s trip seems to rubber stamp this business expedition.

In my opinion, that Weyanes are opening the can of worms to eat up Ethiopia alive before a farmer in Ethiopia has a chance to own a land and/or be able to feed his family. There will not be sustainable development without the participation of the endogenous people of Ethiopia on their own resources. There won’t be development without Democracy and the respect to Human rights and the Rule of Law.

Investment should be inclusive and there are no democratic institutions in Ethiopia for that to happen. That is why I have my reservation of the so-called FDI. Obama is to make sure that the U.S. businesses and security interests and participations of the U.S. are in firm foundation.

Unfortunately, China and India have already made Africa their turf to feed their billions of hungry populations now and the future even if it means at the expense the Ethiopian children perishing left and right for years to come.

Does anyone realize Ethiopia has no Journalist left who believes in humanity, justice and democracy and who could freely critic the puppet Weyane government? For the PM H/Mariam to have the audacity to say that Ethiopia is not yet ready to have a full fledged Democracy while jailing innocent citizens and starving to death people for not voting for the ruling class is in my opinion utterly irresponsible and wrong. It gets better how convenient for Obama is to kid around on the existence of 80 ethnic groups and chose not to speak about the “boiling ethnic violence ” i.e., the ethnic policy that straggles people and prohibits people from enjoying freedom of movement and freedom of investment within their own country. Though Obama spoke on the youth in Africa that it should be empowered and taken care of, but he conveniently swift through by not mentioning about the gross human rights and genocide violations involving the “non stop Human trafficking”- which directly involves the youth’s destiny in Ethiopia. Obama rather mentioned the “wild life trafficking” over the very known fact that State Department put in place in 2014 that Ethiopia as being a transit country for Human Trafficking. The government legally allows 1500 people to be shipped out of the country while another 60% of the 1500 a day leaves the country informally to places in the Middle East and Libya where the survival rate is almost nil.

Yekulubew Gebreal LeEthiopia Yikumelat . Eneberta
Yagere Legoch
Best regards,