Aba Mela and Dawit Kebede joined the unholy confederation of vampires against Patriotic- Ginbot 7

Aba Mela and Dawit Kebede joined the unholy confederation of vampires against Patriotic- Ginbot 7

 By Teshome Debalke

In the latest development, the X Woyane Aba Mela of Ethiopians civility room and present Dawit Kebede of Awramba Times joined Elias Kifle of Ethiopian Review and Abrah Belai of EthioMedia to slash-and-burn Patriotic Ginbot 7. Others haven’t come out in public yet — going around the bushes waiting for the right moment before they come out of the closet and join the unholy confederate of vampires — patriots at day and something else at night.

No insult intended but simply to describe the unholy aligns from unexpected individuals is as a result of living in a bubble on the expenses of our people’s freedom. For example, one thing they all have in common is they are lone rangers that haven’t done anything worthy in their entire lives but run Medias to pretend they do. If it wasn’t for the technology they would be seating in coffee shop chitchat their wishes and no one would know they exist. All are male with an ego the size of elephants but, a brain of a rabbit. All go in-and-out of anything that comes along to satisfy their ego. All are patriotic at day something else altogether at night. All believe; if they are not in it, it is not good enough and must be demolished. All never worked in formal organization in their entire lives to know better –it takes more than a sharp mouth to build something worthy.Elias Kifle's confederation of vampires

More than anybody, the most fighting people facing our society are vampires running their mouth driving good people away from the struggle for liberty and democracy. They don’t understand rule of law or due process nor do they know how to operate in organizational setting. Therefore, the organization, the rules and the job that need to be done is reduced to coffee talk against those that do the job or piggybacking on anything done to satisfy their empty ego.

Closer look at them tell us they haven’t changed anything in their entire lives except stirring things up to remain relevant. Decades later you would expect something tangible would change for the better but, racking what is built by cut-and-paste gossip is their only accomplishments. One thing they are good at is demolishing anything someone built before it sees the day. They have been so good at it to outlive many for more.

Take the infamous x Woyane Aba Mela of civility room that bled Ethiopians most of his adult life with Woyane to turn patriotic Ethiopian in the last hour to do more in the name of Ethiopian Civility room that claims “we gather news and information about ETHIOPIA AND ETHIOPIANS around the World from credible sources”. Though there is no civility and credibility is what he does, conveniently left out from the civility room is the interview with the man that claim to be EEPF Founder Mekle Mengistie passed on to Ethiopian Review. ER says Must listen advice from EPPF founder Ato Mekle Mengistie sourced from the Civility room guru Aba Mela.Dawit Kebede of Awramba Times followed “Elias Kifle of Ethiopian Review Slams Ginbot 7 for Claiming a False Victory over EPRDF”—forming the unholy confederation of vampires against Patriotic- Ginbot 7.

Naturally, even if the Ato Melke Mengistie has any worthy advice to listen to; the fact the three clowns are involved in the affair is enough to discard it as rubbish. It is all about credibility–hard to earn but easy to loss.

Incidentally, the civility room Aba Mela runs media doesn’t have any ‘credible sourced’ news on its website –indicating it is a front for diversion.

Aba Mela’s after a long service to Woyane and chitchatting in Civility room the only contribution to our people is recycle old story over-and-over again and a dozen interviews of some Ethiopians he believes would advance its undeclared mission as posted — wondering around aimlessly looking for the next Ethiopian organization to demolish — searching for anyone to help.

This time Aba Mela through Elias Kifle of ER presented Mekle Mengistie that claims to be the Co- Founder of Patriotic Front with his other friend that traveled to Asmera in the mid-90s from Europe. Surly Aba Mela and Elias can do better than the man that barley put coherent sentence together against Patriotic –Ginbot 7. The man sounded awakened from his deep sleep by Aba Mela and Elias to tell-tell a fairytale on Aba Mela’s Tela Bet talk room. He said; he was silent for over three years but…decided to tell-tell

It appears desperation is setting in. At home, Dawit of Awramba must also be desperate to source Elias of ER. With Woyane officials at his tips and when he can go to the war front to find out the truth, the poor we value impartiality Dawit of Awramba Time featured story is Elias Kifle of ER. Ethiomedia so far stayed away sourcing anyone but himself.

What should Ethiopians make of the confederation of vampires coming together for one thing only-against Patriotic-Ginbot 7?

Something doesn’t look kosher. The way I see it as described above; these guys have been at this game for so long they qualify as grandfather of lone ranger Medias. They can’t go back or forward — stuck in the same place all their adult lives. What did the four musketeers do worthy of speaking since they came in the picture beside cut-and-paste mud and telling fairytale story most of their lives?

Have you seen one thing they contributed to bring about anything worthy of democratic rule or unity of our people for any cause? If I missed it please let me know soon to correct my mistake.

Let us explore the vampires’ love-hate relationship with Shabiya that appears to be the main driving force that brings them together in confederation. What is it that Shabia did to Ethiopians that Woyane didn’t do that excites them out of their mind? In other words, if Ethiopians are expected to work with Woyane against Shabia what is wrong working with Shabia against Woyane?

Let go further and explore their claim Shabia is going to destroy Ethiopia. If Woyane is doing it as we speak what worst thing could Shabia would do that hasn’t been done by Woyane? Make all Ethiopians Eritreans?

The way I see it, it has nothing to do with Shabia and everything to do with Ethiopians Patriotic –Ginbot, ESAT, ESFNA …anything and everything Ethiopian seems to disturb them. I wonder why?

I think the root eating vampires are out to preserve the status qua through slash-and-burn of Ethiopians. Watch carefully how many beds they jumped in and out in their lifetime and tell me what principle stand they have to call them anything but… you get the picture.

If I see anything they provide worth a penny on the dollar I will stand corrected and acknowledge my mistake but, so far none. Until then, like every society they should be considered clowns and dealt with them accordingly. If clowns are taken seriously, it is a sign society failed. Thus, it is not their problem but ours. After all, what else would one expect clowns to know but clowning.

Ethiopians must stop our silence and speak up against clowns with primary mission of keeping us divided, confused or distracted.

No Ethiopians should be insulted by anyone without consequences. Likewise, no Ethiopian should stand by when clowns throw mud on Ethiopians without responding in kind.

I expect every Media to behave like Ethiopian or pay the consequences. Cutting and pasting mud on Ethiopians is unacceptable by anyone period.

The article is dedicated to Patriotic-Ginbot 7 Ethiopian People Liberators