Video: Brave Tigrayan woman severly criticizes TPLF in Tigray

A brave woman gave a moving anti-TPLF speech to a crowd in the Northern Ethiopian region of Tigray.

The woman spoke of the suffering of Tigrayan people at the hands of TPLF. She said the TPLF is harming their people. Adding to this point, she asked the crowd, "wouldn't you kill the person who kills your brother?", which was a reference to the TPLF regime  killing their people. She answered her question with, "of course you'd kill the person who is killing your brothers !". She added that she can't believe the TPLF regime has the audacity to tell them to vote for them while they are killing Tigrayans with impunity.

She then stated that Tigrayans fought the Derg to gain peace and security, yet Tigrayans have neither today. She blamed TPLF for this and asked the crowd to stand up for their dignity and to stop letting the TPLF bully them. She said it's better to die fighting than to live like cowards under them.

She concluded her speech by asking the TPLF to "let us go!", and asked the crowd:

"For how long do they think they can fool us? For how long are they going to ask us to keep supporting them? For how long are we going to keep crying? No, we will not cry no more!"