The Economist Magazine and TPLF controlled Medias: The fight between Lion and the Mouse?

Communication Minster Rwdwan Hussein lecturing the audience accompanied by Awrmba Times Editor in Chief Dawit Kebde

The Economist Magazine and TPLF controlled Medias: The fight between Lion and the Mouse?

June 21, 2015

Ask what you can do for your people and country not what your people and country can do for you. In that note; do what you know best to dismantle each and every sector controlled by the paranoid ruling ethnic elites. Isn’t that what democratic struggle is all about?

By Teshome Debalke

The world renowned publication, The Economist’s recent article rattled the ruling ethnic elites of Ethiopia to go into complete insanity. The article titled Neither a sprint nor a marathon – declared the Ethiopia economy is under the control of the paranoia ruling ethnic elites that won’t let go of key sectors, particularly the military, security, banking and telecom for fear of losing power to sustain their dominance.

Though Ethiopians don’t need The Economist to tell us what is obvious for a necked eye, what touched the nerve of the regime’s corrupt ethnic elites is not because it is a secret but, for the first time a popular western Media referred the government of Ethiopia is run by an out-of- control paranoid ethnic elites and debunked the double digit economic growth propaganda — nothing more than an elaborate control of key sectors by the ruling elites auctioning off the nation’s resources to foreign investors in their favor.

The article for the first time in 24 years partially exposed the reality of the regime in front of the world and cracked the foundation of TPLF’s propaganda as noting but a willing and dealing the nation resources to gabble-up unprecedented wealth and power for its paranoid ruling elites posed as the Government of Ethiopia.

The London based English-language weekly is not stranger in exposing the world regimes’ policies and corruption.

Founded in September of 1843, it is the most authoritative publication in economics and politics of the world. The 172 years old publication that is considered the bible of the most powerful political and business leaders as well as scholars and opinion makers of the world is one Media you don’t want to appear in bad light, particularly for world depots that disguise their atrocities and corruptions.

The ruling elites of Ethiopia; after 24 years couldn’t yet figure out whether they are running a government of a nation, a racketeering cartel or familiar corrupt depot in Africa; finally got caught with their pants down by a respected Western Media. Why it took so long is another question for another time.

But, what touched the nerve of the ‘paranoid’ ruling elites isn’t the article critical look of the policy or their economic management of the nation. Nor the belittling words it reserve for corrupt depots. But, the three paragraphs that blew open their cover that summarized the gist of the ruling elites’ corrupt nature and the paranoia that followed to control every sector that kept them alive for far too long to hoodwink the international community. They still couldn’t comprehend the implication of expose to go on the offensive instead of retreating to save face.

From land and natural resource grab and extortion to banking, telecom, Media and trade monopoly they have been running the nation as their private plantation — hiding behind China and India and handful of scrupulous regimes in the Middle East while Westerners kept them afloat with massive foreign aid injection.

Finally, the chicken is coming home to roost. For the first in over two decade a prestigious Western Media partially got it right what Ethiopians have been saying for far too long– the regime masquerading as the Ethiopian government is noting but a group of self-proclaimed Tigrian elites that took the nation hostage — robbing the people pillaging her resources with vengeance by controlling key sectors.

The first revelation of the publication says;

“The fear of being overthrown looms behind the elite’s reluctance to reform. In some ways it is a victim of its own success. Discipline and administrative sophistication have given the elite access to coercive tools that many counterparts on the continent can only dream of. But now it finds it hard to imagine life without them.”

Though the discipline and the administrative sophistication it is talking are concocted by the regime itself to lure more money in its coffer from the international community the narrow-mindedness, tribalism and fear of losing illegitimate power and ill-gotten wealth are what bred the coercive methods to the credit of the people tolerance to the barbaric behavior of the ruling elites to protect and preserve the people of Ethiopia and the nation.

The second thing the article reviled was;

“The new leadership is much more collective. The prime minister is no Meles, whose legacy as it turns out included masking how divided the regime has always been. Before ministers make decisions now they often need to seek the consent of the old guard. And ethnic Tigrayans, of whom Meles was one, still control the army, security services, telecoms and foreign affairs. It will take at least another decade for them to retire or die”.

Apparently, this obvious reality not known to many foreigners is what kept the ruling ethnic elites to hide their atrocities, corruption and human right violation. The fact it is reviled in a publication like The Economists is no longer a secret to the Western governments and Aid agencies that has been financing a gang-like minority ethnic autocracy with much more implication and responsibility to come with it in the future. But, it is clear for one and all; the ruling elites played the world for fool so long and shifting to hide behind China not to pay a hefty price for their crimes.

And, the third revelation of the article came from a frustrated Chinese investor with an interesting twist;

“One senior member of the Chinese community in Ethiopia describes, with some frustration, what he sees as the country’s big problem: that in China the central government dominates the regions but in Ethiopia everything is federal. Business parks are built by regional rota, for example, not in the best locations. Furthermore, Mao’s maxim that “the party controls the gun” is neglected; the securocrats are a law unto themselves”.

Such lawlessness observed by a complete stranger lured by empty propaganda to come-in as investor speaks volume how investors were misled to believe there is a government instead of TPLF warlords and their assassins or what he referred as ‘securocrat’ running the show as Ethiopians have been saying for far too long.

The bold expose of the ruling ‘Tigrayan elites ’control by the most read publication by the world leaders further implicates Western governments, particularly the US and UK as well as Chinese government that knowingly and willfully propped up the corrupt and atrocious ruling ethnic elites as the government of Ethiopia. There would be more fallout to follow as more facts began to emerge. For instance, the 1000s of the so called investors named on several leaked documents that collude with the ruling elites to rip the people of Ethiopia might as well run into hiding. The probe that started identifying these investors a few years ago would speed up the process as more expose began to materialize.

Naturally, the partial expose didn’t seat well with the ruling elites and operatives that live-off of foreign Aid and Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) on selling poverty and auctioning off the nation’s resources for lowest bidder to their own benefits.

Therefore, it shouldn’t surprise anyone why the elites control key sectors as the article reviled. Though the article wasn’t exhaustive the extent TPLF elites’ control more sectors, including the Media, domestic and foreign trade, investment, remittance flow and import-and-export market as well as civic and humanitarian organizations were not coved for unknown reasons.

It would be important for Ethiopians to remind The Economist and other concerned Medias, governments and the international community the extent of control of the elites and who is behind it.

The Economist judicious article got respond from the regime’s operative run Medias. One of the few that responded is posted on Awramba Times with a title “Why The Economist want to meddle too low in Ethiopian domestic politics” written by E. Dawud that illustrates the ruling elites paranoia The Economist Magazine was talking about.

Strangely, the ruling elites that interfere in the internal affairs of nations to hire assassins all of a sudden became interested in noninterference of a Media.

The man behind the article is only known to the Awramba Times editor-in Chief Dawit Kebede. The recipient of the Committee to Protect Journalist (CPJ) award faking his true identity,he received funding from the National Endowment for Democracy after he sought refuge in US claiming prosecution for his journalistic work from the same ruling regime he is now serving fulltime.

A search in the cyberspace for the unidentified article author by the name E. Dawud neither found a person by that name nor articles associated with the name. It is another indication the paranoid elites known to make up different identities to confuse Ethiopians.

He or she referring to The Economist’s article wrote;

“The writing is below par and it was marred with factual fallacies and baseless accusations and woeful conclusions. The very shameful once are (1) the denial of the very clearly seen and loudly heard realities about the Ethiopian economy and (2) making strange claims about domestic politics of the country based upon wild guesses and factually devoided statements”.

He or she went on;

“However, what left me amazed about The Economist piece of writing is, its strange conclusions about domestic politics of the country based upon wild guesses and factually devoided claims. It labeled the regime as it has always been divided. It even insulted ministers as incapable of decision making and accused old comrades of EPRDF with bizarre claims. It even goes further and tried to ridicule the security officials by calling them as a law unto themselves; even worse it accused the government for lack of courage. It didn’t stop there, it single out ethnic Tigrayans, as controlling everything in the country and mock by saying it will take at least another decade for them to retire or die.

For the moment it felt like reading an article written by those chauvinist ginbot-7 or OLF sympathizers, not from the “so called” best informed news magazine in the world. Actually who knows as all writers in the magazine are anonymous, the writer can be one of the barking friends of those sympathizers in UK. However, it is very much unscientific and uneducated to label a government “a divided regime” and its ministers “incapable of decision making” while the world is applauding its remarkable efforts in driving out the country from centuries old poverty in lightening pace. Actually the writer itself also knew such a claim is baseless and an outrageous lie, as it also praise the government for discipline and administrative sophistication.”

E. Dawud’s article not only accused The Economist for substandard work but, went as far as being the agent of ‘chauvinist Ginobot 7 and OLF sympathizers; from the book of the paranoid TPLF ethnic elites The Economist was talking about.

The article followed by a video clip of the Regime’s Communication Minster’s lecture titled “Redwan Hussein Lambasts Western NGOs over Double-standards” accompanied by the Awramba Times’ editorial note from Dawit Kebde doing his own lambasting in English language and accompanying the Communication Minster on symposium held in Adama-Nazreth.

The Editorial note wrote;

“For many years, the United States has abused its power in trying to act as the “world police. It has interfered wantonly in other sovereign nations internal affairs while claiming to be a referee for human rights.

It is obvious that the Western mainstream media circus apply a policy of controlled news reporting on their domestic problems and at the same time they apply outright lies or biased news reporting on international affairs especially on third world nations such as Ethiopia.”

He went on;

“The biased reporting, stereotype stories and hidden hate towards developing nations of the world are facts of western journalism. These champions of the free world who claim that their reporting standards are very high, they are honest and feel responsible to provide correct information to their audiences are in fact, have dual standards of reporting. They intentionally dramatize a situation in order to market their programs and increase their market share at any cost.

Not only their mainstream Medias, but also their human rights organizations routinely ignore deteriorating racial discrimination and social injustice against blacks and Hispanic communities in the United States.”

Here is a small man (in intellect and ethics) and a champion of a self-professed minority tribal regime, not to mention a journalist wannabe lambasting anybody that stood against a smalltime ethnic regime of Ethiopia on one-man run Media outlet.

He started accusing the US government that kept his beloved TPLF led ethnic regime alive on Americans taxpayers’ expenses not to mention the support it got– starting with the Bush Senior Administration all the way to the Obama Administration convicting all- in-one in his kangaroo court saying “the united State has abused its power in trying to act as the “world police… interfered wantonly in other sovereign nations internal affairs while claiming to be a referee for human rights”

Without an explanation how and where; he jumped straight to the Medias; “Western mainstream media circus apply a policy of controlled news reporting on their domestic problems and at the same time they apply outright lies or biased news reporting” …on third world… such as Ethiopia.

After he finished convicting the Western Media; he jumped straight to civic organizations; “their human rights organizations routinely ignore deteriorating racial discrimination and social injustice against blacks and Hispanic communities in the United States.”

Call it insanity or preemptive strike of a mini journalist to fit the world in his little mind, the man is slowly but surely losing his mind defending the paranoid elites until death.

At the meantime, on the Video clip, the Communication Minster Radwan Hussein repeated the same script and elaborated further that; ‘the problem is not his regime but the US regime’s racism against Blacks and Hispanic’ as the gathering audience claps in agreement. Though both are not from the Oromia Region in their TPLF instigated Ethnic Federal Regions, Radwan was lecturing the audience in Amharic how bad US government, Medias and organizations are in Adama-Nazreth, the official Regional capital of Oromo Region. No one can verify if the video was made in Mekele, Addis Ababa or USA where Awramba Times claim to be based, more confusion.

It appears the official Communication Minster Radwan and the unofficial Deputy Communication Minster Dawit that wouldn’t locate the USA on the world map covered the problem of Western governments, Medias and Civic organization from a country where free Media means free to prease the paranoid elites led regime, election means your-vote-or-your-life, government means by, to and for the ethnic warlords TPLF handpicked and independent civic organization means by, to and for TPLF’s elites pocket book in one-in-all regime.

But, their boorishness is not limited to the US government, western Medias and organizations in general. The unidentified E. Dawud on Awramba Times also accused The Economist’s article that exposed the self-professed minority ethnic regime’s crime “below par and it was marred with factual fallacies and baseless accusations and woeful conclusions”. The oldest and the world’s most admired English language publication is accused by a one-man run online Media with unidentified cadre with an inferiority complex and inferior command of the English language, another tragedy of the paranoia ethnic elites.

There is no explanation how Awramba Times’ Chief Editor’ that went in-and-out the ruling regime’s jail to run to US seeking refuge for fear of his life to collect substantial amount of money from a US organization to jumpstart Awramba Times turn around to return to the same atrocious regime that chased him out to accuse US government, Medias and organizations but, not the regime or TPLF’s corrupt business, assassins, propaganda Medias and fake civic organizations or himself.

My people, there is major crises brewing in our country by paranoid TPLF elites that spilled bloods and robed Ethiopians and blame it on anyone but themselves. It appears they are in verge of committing more heinous crimes to sustain their rule and corruption –confident China will be there to help them clean up after them as The Economist article reviled. The Chinese Ambassador advice to the ‘paranoid ethnic elites’ was to open up the financial and the telecom sector for China to grantee them diplomatic cover, long rule and prosperity to their corrupt business empire says more about China’s foreign policy than a small time ethnic elites drunken by their loot. Understandably, the corrupt minority elites have no choice but to surrender for Chinese demand or die.

Seyoum Mesfin weren’t assigned as the Ethiopian Ambassador to China for noting. Like his new counterpart in Addis Ababa, he is bargaining Ethiopia representing TPLF with the Communist Party of China. For many Ethiopians, TPLF is nothing but a collection of self-professed Tigriyans killing and robing our people. To the contrary, they are the elite member of Marxist Leninist League of Tigray (MLLT) — the replica of the Communist Party of China. TPLF is simply a front for ethnic Federalism to divide Ethiopians not to be a treat to MLLT paranoid elites (the Communist Party of Tigray) using Tigrians as front.

The rift between the ‘Tigriyan elites’ is between MLLT members that believe Ethiopia doesn’t exist as they have been working to dismantle her block by block and those that believe Ethiopia is ours with TPLF in charge noting more. The Former are in charge because they are aligned with foreign elements doing what Melse setup for them while the later are crying foul confined in the Killil MLLT setup for them.

The creation of Medrek in the aftermath of Kinjit is a product of the later led by Siye Abrha, a TPLF commander and the Founder of TPLF business empire to accommodate the former TPLF members maintain power in ethnic Federalism they fought for and to make sure a united Ethiopian force doesn’t gather again. To that end; they have been working to unite Ethiopians by ethnicity inline with MLLT/TPLF’s ethnic Federalism against the will and interest of the people of Ethiopia and so far with not much success but enough to distract Ethiopians from defending our people and country from paranoid ruling ethnic elites’ crimes.

Therefore, when The Economist article pock hole on the ‘paranoid ruling Tigriyan elites’ that won’t let go Ethiopian’s resources to sustain their power and corruption — hiding behind Chinese Developmental State; it is because Ethiopians are fragmented by ethnicity to defend our rights and country, thanks to the ethnic elites that couldn’t figure out what comes first; their political power or the safety and security of our people.

Take for example the paranoid ruling elites controlled Ethiopian Telecom the Economist’s article talked about that is led by the notorious TPLF/MLLT member and Deputy Prime Minister Debretsion Gebremichael, who is also Minister of Communication and Information Technology. Not opening up the sector for foreign investment is one thing but for Ethiopians altogether another. The deliberate deprivation of access to the internet and opportunity to invest in Telecom in favor of TPLF’s cronies is the worst crime than any single act of the ruling regime; beside the land-grab, ethnic cleansings and political assassinations.

The Telecom sector like the banking, military and security apparatus is the key to the survival of the paranoid ethnic elites as The Economist described. If Ethiopians want to end the regime rule soon that is where the struggle must be waged to dismantle MLLT/TPLF stranglehold of the Telecom thus the internet under hostage Debretsion.

Another sector The Economist raised was the banking sector. The various banks created by MLLT/TPLF led by Wogagen Bank are the key for the paranoid ethnic elites that held the financial service sector hostage to finance their crimes, including money laundering. If Ethiopians want to end the regime rule, banking sector is another area the struggle must be waged. The international community must also be notified to probe on MMLT/TPLF owned and operated banks and the individuals that instigate the crime. Among them are the Founder and the first President of Wogagen Bank Brutawit Dawit Abdi and the present President and CEO Araya G. Egzabher.

There are many other sectors The Economist’s article didn’t mention, including Media, export-import trade, transport and logistics, the land Management Agency that must be rescued from the paranoid ethnic elites.

But, what is strange and not clear is why the rest of ethnic political parties follow the same ethnic divide of Ethiopians from ending the paranoid ethnic elite’s rule sooner than later. Take the platform of the ethnic parties of Ethiopia, namely Medrek. In one hand they say ethnic Federalism is compatible with democracy, in other they deprive the people other choices beside ethnic identity.

Suppose people start religious parties and divides our people along religious lines. Can we, for example say the Christian-Muslim-Jewish Federal Regions? If ethnicity is sufficient for Federalism the same can be said about Religion, language, race etc.

Let also take the Southern Nation and Nationality Region with 47 ethnic identities, who decided to put them in one Region in the first place and why and who speak on their behalf? For the last 24 years the most visible opposition leader of the Region is Dr. Beyene Petros and one of the visible leaders of Medrek that represent one ethnic group out of 47. Who speaks for the rest beside a handful of political leaders representing half a dozen ethnic groups in the Southern Region? No answer but more question.

In that regard, EthioMedia that failed to post the world known The Economist’s article:-‘Neither a sprint nor a marathon’ that exposed the nature of the ruling ethnic elites is willing to post’ an unidentified Radio station by the name ‘Heber Radio’ interviewing ‘Medrik vice President Dr Merera Gudin’ with a title; “Merera slams opposition parties for failing to put house in order”. According to Ethiomedia;

“Dr Merera Gudina, Vice President of the coalition Medrek, and who had a huge support in the Oromia region, but lost in the eprdf-controlled election – criticizes opposition parties for failing to do their homework to forge unity and remove the ruling party from power (Source: Heber Radio)”

It is clear what Ethiomedia Media meant ‘huge support in Oromia region, but lost in EPRDF controlled election’ nor what he meant by ‘putting the house in order’ or ‘to do their homework to forge unity’. But, he failed to provide Heber Radio link to verify the authenticity of the Media or the interview. A search for Heber Radio online found none. Nor, the same interview was available on Medrek official website

The question is why EthioMedia play hide-and-seek with his support for Mederk and distaste for other oppositions is the million dollar question it should answer in public. Regardless, if Mederk stand is ‘ethnic Federalism or else’ in line with the ruling regime; why is it calling for oppositions’ unity under the same ethnic banner — contrary to the belief of the national democratic parties of Ethiopia?

The Economist’s article reviled the paranoid ruling Tigryan elites that run as TPLF party representing 5-6% of the population of Ethiopia and claim to win by 100% vote through collusion of four ethnic parties (EPRDF) to control all sectors in the name of Federal Ethiopia.

Medrek run for election is also a collusion of four ethnic Regions that wouldn’t accommodate non ethnic parties nor represent all ethnic groups of Ethiopia. The question is; is ethnic parties’ collusion to form majority vote sufficient to form a government let alone democratic government? If yes, what about the rest of Ethiopians? If no, why wouldn’t Mederk explain how ethnic parties accommodate the rights and wishes of the majority of Ethiopians?

Looking at the official website of the collusion of four ethnic parties (Mederk) Amharic is not the official language of the Regions they represent but, the websites information is provided in English and Amharic. The very reason why ethnic parties are necessary is violated by the same ethnic parties, why? Why the languages of each ethnic group the parties in the collusion represent are not reflected on the official website?

The question remains; why is it the oppositions dragging their feet, Medias are skirting the issues; the intellectuals are burying their heads and the silent majority not speaking up?

Is the democratic struggle to free Ethiopians from dictators (ethnic or otherwise), criminals (ethnic or otherwise), and opportunists (ethnic or otherwise) or political parties (ethnic or otherwise) to negotiate Ethiopian’s freedom and democratic rights with each other? If the former; Ethiopians will be free soon. If the later; there is no democratic struggle but negotiation between dictators, criminals and opportunists.

Which side of the oppositions are you?

In the real world, it is the role of Medias to sort out the good, the bad and the ugly of opposition parties for the public.

Which side of the Media are you?

The sooner Ethiopians sort out the good, the bad and the ugly of the Medias for our people the sooner we will be free.

Until then we are under the mercy of paranoid ruling elites that play hide-and-seek controlling our lives, liberty and rights and others that won’t take principle stand to free us from tyranny.

As the struggle intensifies, Media professionals must come forward to sort out the good, the bad and the ugly of their profession and the political parties soon.

‘Ask what you can do for your people and country not what your people and country can do for you’. In that note; do what you know best to dismantle each and every sector controlled by the paranoid ruling ethnic elites. Isn’t that what the democratic struggle is all about?