Ethiopian Freedom Fighters Freed Prisoners, Kill TPLF troops

Freedom Fighters freed prisoners in Tepi town

By ESAT News (June 8, 2015)

ESAT received reliable information that freedom fighters attacked a prison in Tepi town, Southern Ethiopia on the morning of Friday June 06, 2015 and freed at least 100 prisoners. Three police officers were reportedly killed during the operation.

The leader of the freedom fighters told ESAT two of the fighters, the founder of the group and another member, were killed in a heavy exchange of fire.

The leader of the group who requested anonymity told ESAT that the local youth league was formed to fight for freedom and basic human rights in the area and beyond.

The leader said his group has waged several attacks on government forces in the area. The government forces tried to eliminate them by mobilizing a mechanized brigade but could not succeed. The defense force members reportedly used mortars, launchers, .50 caliber machine guns, and AK-47s during the fight.

The freedom fighters say that lack of good governance, corruption and ethnic repression have driven them to take such action. It is also reported that the group gained popularity among the local youth who also requested to join them, but the group could not fulfill their request due to lack of resources.

The leader said his group was able to capture t ammunition and rifles from the EPRDF regime’s forces.

ESAT reported last week a gruesome story in Southern Ethiopia where an army battalion that was taking orders direct from central command in Addis Ababa battled local Hamar tribes. It was reported that 48 people died during the attack. Sources told ESAT that several people from both sides were wounded and killed.