Ethiopia Working to Extradite 80 Suspected Human Smugglers

Ethiopia Working to Extradite 80 Suspected Human Smugglers

By Associated Press

The Ethiopian government says it is working with the International Criminal Police Organization, or Interpol, to repatriate 80 suspected human smugglers as the country struggles to stem the wave of migrants leaving the country.

The chief of the Illegal Human Trafficking Crime Investigation Division of Ethiopia's federal police, Wondimu Chama, said Thursday to the Ethiopian news agency that they succeeded extraditing five suspects from Kenya, Sudan, Saudi Arabia and Tanzania. Wondimu said the police division has been working with Interpol to identify human smugglers abroad who will face charges in Ethiopia.

The Ethiopian government said 200 suspected human smugglers have been arrested in the country to try to stop citizens from moving to Europe illegally. The government's action comes after 30 Ethiopian migrants were killed in Libya by Islamic extremists.