Ethiopia: A TPLF clown as protester, as reporter and as an anchor of his own protest on a fake TG-TV

By Teshome Debalke

Something is mentally wrong with Woyane clowns. I don’t know if it is idiocy not to know better or insanity not to know the difference. But, I noticed some go as far as out clowning each other. Others are always better faking what they do. But, from time-to-time the silliest clown among clowns shows up; you couldn’t help but notice the funniest clown ever before. Since he out clowned every Woyane clown I know of I am going to recommend the Society of Ethiopians Established in Diaspora (SEED-Ethiopia) to start a clown award and to nominate him for the next award.Mesfin Bezu of TG TV

This time he is Mesfin Bezu, the fake TG TV anchor extraordinary. He became a popular public clown when he showed up at the US Department of State’s Press briefing regarding the Ethiopian Embassy shooting where the guard is seen discharging his gun randomly on Ethiopian demonstrators that came to the Embassy demanding to see the Woyane Ambassador. On the Press briefing the clown was seen introducing himself as correspondent for TG TV but rambling as Embassy representative, TPLF cadre, American voter and spokesperson of Woyane officials rapped in-one. I was amused by his multitasking skills but seeing him out clowning himself in front of the world was painful. I recall writing Fake Medias running scared with their pants down to save Woyane.

But, the lone-ranger clown-reporter and the Executive Director of TG TV Mesfin Bezu’s determination to show his multi-tasking skills is admirable indeed — when he showed up on the annual award event of the Society of Ethiopians Established in Diaspora (SEED-Ethiopia) to protest against Tamign Beyen, the legendry Ethiopian advocate and the nightmare of Woyanes. The funny part was when the clown covered his own protest as reporter and run to his house TV studio of TG Television for broadcasting the news. TG Television station slogan says ‘እውነትን እንጂ ውሸትን በፍጹም አናስተናግድም!’ but, the Media Empire TG TV that live for its creed turned out to be a one-man video clipping station running internet TV Station out of his apartment. According to ehow what you need is lights, camera, and computer and a clown to have TGTV Media.

ESAT – Abe Tokichaw of Waza Ena Kumnegr program on June 10 uncovered the lone-cadre turn TV clown humoring us out of his apartment TV studio. Apparently he was using TG to abbreviate Tilahun Gesses, the legendary late father of contemporary Ethiopian music. Why clown chose to reduce the icon of Ethiopians to his level was not clear. But, according to a source, the clown is believed to be the brother in-law of the late legend – married to the youngest sister of Tleahun.

There is more to the closet TG TV mogul than what an eye can see. The poor cadre-reporter-clown has been having nightmares since ESAT hit the airwave, according to people he knew him closely. Like every cadre assigned to undermine ESAT he is doing his level best to contribute his share. It appears he is losing his mind over ESAT reporting and doing what he can out of his own apartment TV studio. A few days a week he uses the free community service broadcasting service to reach out the diaspora in addition to his YouTube channel to make the best out of Woyane, according to his website.

But, our call to the community Media access group reviled there is no TGTV broadcasting on their free community Media cable access and they have no record of if there was one in the past. Whether he is using a different name or simply making up to look big is hard to say.

According to TGTV’s website the last reporting done was in Aug of 2014 until the clown covers his own protest against Tamigan Beyene and reported it on his YouTube channel anchoring his own protest report. There no explanation why a one-in-all Media clown wanted to lookalike a major TV station but, he surly need serious help in journalism to understand he can’t be the subject of a report, the reporter and the anchor on a fake TV station at the same time.

But again, there is no explanation why the well-experienced cadres that mastered the art of deceptive reporting couldn’t help him to do better than act like a clown.

Indecently, Awramba Times, the make-believe Woyane Media sourcing TG TV reported “Tamagne Beyene Faces strong protest as he receives SEED Awards”.

The US based Awramba Times (according to its website) reported this breaking news from Addis Ababa instead of its US base. The lone-ranger senior editor and mobile journalist Dawit Kebde of Awaramba Times didn’t say where his US based reporters where when TG-TV reporter was covering his own protest. They must be busy covering the 2015 election

Apparently the two individuals accompanying Mesfin Bezu of TG-TV protest as seen on the video were reported as Somali Ethiopians. The picture of the unidentified Somali speaking individuals is circulating in the Washington area. So far no one knows who they are or whether they are from Ethiopia or from Somalia.

Here is the problem with frustrated cadres run Medias. They making a jackass out of themselves.