Ethiopia: The Sham Elections Are the Same But Let Us Make the Day After Different

Afar Revolutionary Democratic Unity Front (ARDUF) | Press Release

As expected, the incumbent TPLF/EPRDF ruling party in Ethiopia won last week’s fifth national Elections. As expected the ruling party won 100 per cent of the votes. The final results are still being awaited as how much of the so far not announced 125 seats the ruling party will allot to the opposition parties. There were no inflated expectations and illusions on the part of the opposition parties. As usual, the opposition parties are saying they will not accept the final results. All seem to be as ‘ usual as every five years’. ‘Business as usual’. But let us add just for the time being. Because everybody is waiting for things will not be the same as usual. This time, it will not be ‘business as usual’. Let there be no ambiguity about it.

Let us show the world that the day after is different from 2010, and 2005 elections. The Ethiopian people and the opposition parties must prove to their electorate in particular and Ethiopian population in general that it will be different because they will do things differently. They will react differently. They have to start this process today and not tomorrow.

Let them start by not going to the courts, as usual. Let them start by not complaining to America Embassy in Addis, donors and international community to return their stolen votes, as usual. A peaceful transition of power from incumbent party to other party seems unthinkable in Ethiopia, as long as the ruling party is in saddle. Almost all former international election observers did not want to be part to the fake elections once again. They opted for not observing this time. They did something differently by not observing the mockery at the day light. The African Union Observer Group which was present did not dare to say the elections were fair, free and equal but only said that it was peaceful. So, they did something differently.

Ethiopians this time around must act differently if they expect different results. 2015 May elections must be the last of those fake and sham elections. It must stop here.

ARDUF calls upon the Ethiopian opposition forces to prove the next day after 2015 May 24 elections will be different to the world. The world eyes are on us.

The Sham Elections Are the Same But Let Us Make the Day after Different!

Victory to the Ethiopian people! Victory to the heroic ARDUF/UGUUGUMO

Military Command Centre (MCC) Information Desk
Afar Revolutionary Democratic Unity Front (ARDUF)