Ethiopia: Ruling party murders 2 regional opposition leaders

"Whatever price I pay, it's for the honor and freedom of my country. They may throw me into prison; but they cannot imprison my conscience. Even if they kill me, keep the struggle alive." - Samuel Awoke

By Abraha Belai

DEBRE MARKOS, Northwest Ethiopia - After brushing off numerous death threats, a young leader of the
opposition Semayawi Party was beaten and stabbed to death on Monday night, hospital sources said.

Samuel Awoke, 29, was his party's candidate for the recently-concluded bogus election in which the ruling party declared a 100% win.

The victim's body bore several stabbings, with his hands crushed, and the photo was too graphic to be posted on Ethiomedia.

Previously a member of the now-defunct Andenet Party, Samuel was on several occasions beaten and jailed before his killers, undoubteldy members of the notorious security service of the TPLF regime, killed him in an agonizing way.

Emerging as the hope of the Ethiopian people as a trust-worthy political organization, Semayawi Party called on all justice-loving forces to condemn the brutal killing of the young opposition leader who was buried on Wednesday at Arbaitu Ensesa Church in eastern Gojjam.

Meanwhile, another member of the opposition Arena party was strangled to death while the victim was on his way home in Mai Kadra of Humera woreda, northwest Ethiopia.

Tadesse Abraha, a meber of the opposition Arena Party, was heading home at 9:00 PM when unknown assailants strangled him to death, his party said in a press release on Wednesday.

Arena accused the ruling party of political murder, despite attempts to make the crime look like a robbery gone wrong.

Based in Mekelle, Arena has suffered political murders of its active members over the years.