Video: Driving Through Addis Ababa

Driving around Addis with a GoPro. You don't see that much traffic because it was shot on a Sunday. Most people don't work on this day, could be for religious reasons or simply to spend time with family. As you can see Addis has grown exponentially, it takes forever to get to places.

Here are the songs in the video:
Eyob Mekonnen - Neckchalehu
Mimila & Kichini - Awe Awe Bade
Ester Rada - Nanu Ney
Aster Aweke - Yedi Gosh
HR - Hey Wella
Terefe Assefa ft Jah Lude - Lome Lome
Teddy Afro - Be 70 Dereja
Nati - Beka Beka