Video: Anywhere but home for Ethiopian migrants


Home isn't where the heart is for these men. Part-time taxi drivers in Ethiopia hoping for a ride out, at any cost. (SOUNDBITE) (Amharic) PART-TIME TAXI DRIVER, ASHENAFI KUMALA, SAYING: "I just want to leave this country, whether it is by boat on the sea or any other means and try my luck. I want to improve my living condition even if I have to do that by risking my life."

 For many the target is Europe. Even if it means making the perilous trip across the Mediterranean. Now the watery graveyard of thousands before them. (SOUNDBITE) (Amharic) PART-TIME TAXI DRIVER, HABTAMU KEBELA SAYING: "The boat journey might be risky but I believe it is better to leave this country by any means possible because there is nothing in this country."