TPLF’s mistresses’ scramble to save the Mafia regime is romantic but, monkey business

Wendy Sherman

TPLF’s mistresses’ scramble to save the Mafia regime is romantic but, monkey business

May 13, 2015

by Teshome Debalke

The scramble to save the Mafia TPLF regime is intensifying. It isn’t from the usual places where TPLF’s one-and-only Messiah they are awaiting to resurrect from death to save the disciples. It isn’t from the corrupt opportunists that accumulated lots of blood money and what to do with but pray for the coming of the legendary leader from death to tell them in their dreams. It isn’t even from TPLF appointed officials with fake credentials like the clueless Communication Minster Radwan Hussein. Nor the Awramba Time owner Dawit Kebde that volunteered for specific mission. It is coming from unexpected mistresses stepping out of the closet to say we love TPLF more than we were willing to admit it with a strange way of expressing their affections for Mafia group.Ethiopia monkey business

Don’t get me wrong, love is good even though being a mistress is morally wrong it is not illegal. But, being mistress of a terrorist group is another ball game altogether. Why anyone with some sanity will associate with a dangerous terrorist group known as TPLF is completely from another planet altogether with the only defense of…love is blind and sweet.

The question is ‘what love got to do with it ’. in another words, what got ISIS killing rampage on humanity, Al-Qaida fleeing from Yemen to Northern Somalia, Eritrea joining the collation of Saudi’s led madness, the ‘barbaric Zulus’ in South Africa going insane … got to do with the love of the savagery and corruption of TPLF?

The lame excuses reminded me the funniest story of a drunken driver responding to the officer question; have you been drinking? The diver responded; “Occifer, I swear to drunk I’m not God!”

It is preciously what the sorry TPLF’ mistresses are coming out of the closet calming i.e. we swear to TPLF we aren’t in love with God.

Whether one is drunk by alcohol, love or blood the behavior appears to be the same. It turns grownups into toddlers; wrong is right, bad is good, death is birth, corruption is growth, injustice is order, selection is election…; it is like an endless chase of a drunk driver until the end.

Here is the problem with what is referred as ‘a chronic addictive process that invariably acquire a complex and sophisticated array of psychological defense mechanisms aimed at protecting its continued existence by minimizing the cognitive dissonance the addict experiences as a result of his progressively irrational self- and usually other- harmful behavior, according to Floyd P. Garrett, M.D., a renowned US physiatrist.

She goes on to say; the ‘behavior is not determined by his own will at all but by the will of the addiction that now constitutes and constructs his reality. For in addiction, the true self is suppressed or eclipsed and the false self-the addicted self- installed in its place as a kind of Vichy regime to execute the imperatives of its lord and master, addiction.’

This complex behavior of denial-incrimination has always been the normal operating procedure of TPLF’s dispels not the mistresses until they came out of the closet to express solidarity in more ways than one. But, like a mistress that goes in-and-out in a cover of darkness from some back alley they have peculiarly way of expressing their love i.e. TPLF is bad but it makes me feel good than the alternative.

Quite frankly, as sweet as a mistress’ love is, sooner or later it is inevitable to get caught red-handed with their panties down, and that is what is happening with TPLF’s mistresses going bizarrely insane like a mistress coming out in public saying I am love with him more than the ‘witch’ in the house.

Let’s get real; it isn’t chic to be a mistress of the notorious terrorist group known as TPLF. It is like being the mistress of a notorious drug kingpin and come out in public to his defense expecting to walk away unscratched. Like skating on an ice sheet and not expecting a crack to swallow you and freeze your ass. Sooner or later you should expect to end up dead like a fish planked out of a frozen lake.

If you notice, there are lots of TPLF’s mistresses than expected coming out of the closet. It appears a do-or-die situation with not much choice at work. But, their approach is very peculiar; they don’t claim TPLF is not a terrorist or a Mafia organization, instead they say it is better than ISSIs, Al-Qaida…, better yet, the local ‘terrorists’ TPLF invented every time it run out of option. The latest are Ginbot 7, Blue Party and Zone 9 bloggers. It appears nobody is immune from being labeled terrorist in the coming election, including Ethiopians that voted with their feet to leave the country from the terrorist regime. Forget about our compatriots of the Muslim faith, they are already issued Al-Qaida convicted and sentenced. The only thing TPLF’s mistresses awaiting is forced-confession out of them to scare the rest of us our own flesh-and-bloods are some crazed terrorists’ affiliates to use them as bogymen.

Unfortunately, blood mixed with ill-gotten money made TPLF’s crack heads irrational and deadly. The trickledown effect also took a toll on many more mistresses to sing ‘I love you more than you think’ and unsuspecting Ethiopians trapped in the terrorist net wondering what to do.

Therefore, the only hope the apologists and the mistresses’ to hide behind became foreign terrorists’ action and inventing local terrorists to make TPLF a better terrorist alternative. That is the genius of TPLF its apologists have been bragging about all these years. And, the only alibi of TPLF from its terrorism is the Election Board. As fake as the Board and as goofy as its members are, the Board is the only hope of the terrorist regime from a free fall. Ethiopians elected (selected) a terrorist party called EPRDF because the honorable Board members with PHDs say so? Are the crack heads have no shame?

The recent validation of the US official Wendy Sherman and the excitement it generated among the apologists and mistresses of TPLF is not helping — further exposing their collective insanity and self-denial-incrimination—a bad combination for disaster to come. In their swollen mind; Wendy Sherman is an election observer that validated the Election Board early for TPLF to continue to grow the economy. After all, who wants election observers when Wendy can observe from her office?

But, they didn’t realize she is denigrating them as if they are not better than ‘monkeys’ small bananas excite to sing kumbaya. Accepting such insult as a vindication speaks volume to the apologists of the Mafia regime more than the regime itself. After all, TPLF unequivocally (to use the sorry PM botched word) told us it is a corrupt terrorist organization by its deeds. The last time Obama patronizingly approved the regime’s job performance, the apologist went hysterical. The question is; why would the apologists get excited easily?

Coming back to the ‘mistresses’ of TPLF coming out of the closet, we see an elaborate diversion beyond the usual apologists that echo the official lines. The role of the ‘mistresses’, particularly in the Diaspora coming out to prevent the unavoidable demise of the regime is interesting development. The well-orchestrated scare tactics to frightened Ethiopians to the alternatives and the noise coming out from the business interest to extend the life of the Mafia regime by all means necessary is increasingly being played out. Some closet mistresses of the Mafia group preferred to remain mute than incriminate themselves with the dying regime. Others with bigger stake on-line are coming out in public as impartial party to preserve what they can.

In the economy arena (the only safe place where the mistresses of the Mafia regime feel comfortable to speak) the intensity of the noise is ear piercing — further confusing Ethiopians as well as foreigners to figure out what is going on in the regime of monkey business. With billions of foreign investment dollars lured by empty propaganda and too-good-to-be-true incentive of selling the nation for cheap, TPLF mistresses are devising every possible scum to complicate matters further as an insurance policy to keep the status qua intact.

Here is where the s…t is going to hit the fan or the fan is going to hit the s…t, which ever come first. The blotted economy suspended by TPLF racketeering reached its limits and eating itself up sustained by heavy-handed extortion of Ethiopians and foreign investors. At the meantime, the accumulated toll TPLF’s racketeering caused on the people of Ethiopia is reaching a point of no return ‘to eat their leaders’, to use Professor Gudina’s word.

The bottom-line is the ‘monkey rupblic’ have two choices; to keep stealing banana from the people and hope the international community keep dole more bananas when they run out or come out of the jungle and surrender the banana republic they created for civilized governance.

Few years’ back I wrote about mainstreaming monkey business is not a good idea and accused those involved here. But, if one is in a monkey business with lots of banana coming his way he will laugh at me as TPLF apologists have been doing on Ethiopians. Worse, you will be labeled terrorist jailed or killed for being anti-monkey business or development. Can you blame the big powers when they throw bananas and tell them monkey business is a good thing for Africans to sing Kumbaya?

Here is where the mistresses of the Mafia regime come out. Alike the apologists of the banana republic the mistresses are calculative claiming the regime is bad but look around the chose in the region and the terrorist alternatives. Comparatively TPLF is better; at least it is growing the economy and keeping the peace.

My people; when people entertain to accept a self-humiliating regime as alternative and sing Kumbaya we have to realize we are dealing with a banana republic led by monkeys. And, trying to take a banana away from a monkey is not a wise thing to do as we are discovering. But, when the mistresses of the monkey republic say there is no alternative it is more than insult to the people of Ethiopia.

Now, before the mistresses of the monkey republic’ attack me, let me defend myself. The reference of monkey shouldn’t offend you I didn’t say it. But, when a foreigner like Wendy Sherman tells you monkey business is a good thing for the people you should know she is calling you monkeys not me. If you don’t get it, you are not ready to come out of the jungle yet. Don’t jail and kill us for trying to get you out of the jungle and surrender for civilize regime.

Look what Obama said in one of his State of Union address in reference to the Voting Right;

“Defending our freedom … is not just the job of our military alone. We must all do our part to make sure our God-given rights are protected here at home. That includes one of the most fundamental rights of a democracy: the right to vote,”.

And compare that with what his official Wendy Sherman told you;

“Ethiopia is a democracy that is moving forward in an election that we expect to be free, fair, credible open and inclusive in ways Ethiopia has moved forward in strengthening its democracy every time there is an election. It gets better and better.”

If we translate what she meant, she condescendingly told the officials they can’t tell the difference between democracy and monkey business. But, instead of protesting for being insulted they are singing Kumbaya.

It reminds me again a person by the name Dr. Kefeyalew speaking on VOA saying “Ethiopians have spoken and overwhelmingly voted for EPDRF” referring to the 99.6% theft in the 2005 election.

If an Ethiopian Doctor was that sick to believe election is a monkey business; who is to say the Monkey Republic is illegitimate in the kingdom of monkeys?

Forgiving me Madam Undersecretary Sherman for accusing you of making what I thought was a ridiculous statement — If only you told us you were referring to the Monkey election in the Monkey Republic it wouldn’t have happened. But, when you wrote back protesting your statement was mischaracterized, you confirmed you were telling the truth again. You don’t have to be politically correct to say what you were referring was the jungle election of the Monkey Republic. Be careful not to insult Ethiopians again endorsing the monkey regime as democratically elected representative of the people. If the regime and its apologist are satisfied with your statement you can’t force them to believe otherwise. But, to say your Administration reliable partner is the monkey regime says more about you than the regime. Be careful what you wish for you might get it.

Here is the problem of the apologists and mistresses of TPLF run Monkey Republic. I don’t know why they get worked up when people say the regime is illegitimate corrupt and terrorist that must be replaced. The overwhelming evidence show what people have been saying.

There are two possible reasons for such bizarre behavior. The first is, ‘the true self is suppressed or eclipsed and the false self-the addicted self- installed in its place’ to deny reality as described above. The second possibility is a manifestation of self-doubt; there couldn’t be anything better than what I know and if there is I loss (zero-sum-game); a recipe for a Monkey Republic.

The Monkey Republic is not exclusive for TPLF run regime. Most of Africa is infested with them. Africa Union is the laboratory of Monkey business. That said; don’t get me wrong, it isn’t the racist derogatory words white monkeys say about black people. To the contrary, in fact white monkeys invented monkey business to raid Africans and left us with their offspring to do monkey businesses. Preciously that was what Wendy Sherman was saying for the offspring to sing kumbaya in approval.

Therefore, monkey business must be stopped is what Africans have been saying. Guess who is on the way? Not what you think. For sure it isn’t the apologists of the monkey regime; they wouldn’t know better beyond their daily loot. Nor, it comes from the condescendingly racists that couldn’t feel better without robing others’ self-worth. It is the mistresses of the Monkey regimes that are out of sight-and-mind doing their dirty job behind the seen with their foreign counterparts. You will find them sniffing blood money living off of the misery of the people.

When you observe when they are being praised by foreigners or when they justify the existence of monkey regimes you know who they are.