The mass exodus of Ethiopians and their suffering is attributable to bad governance and wrong policies of the Ethiopian regime

May 6, 2015

Afar People’s Party, Press release

Afar People’s Party's logoWe are very much saddened and shocked by inhuman and barbaric act of terror on innocent Ethiopians committed by ISIS in Libya. First of all, we would like to express our deeply felt condolences to all the families affected by this barbaric terrorist action. The evil act of ISIS represents neither the faith of Islam that the Afar People practice and the Allah we worship nor the human values that we share with entire human race. Slaying innocent Ethiopians who left their beloved ones and country to seek a better future can’t be justified by any religious motivation or political ideology. It is simply a cruel and barbaric act of terror that every human being should denounce and prevent from happening again.

Our Ethiopian compatriots are facing the traps of xenophobia in South Africa, exposed to war crimes in Yemen, inhuman treatment and deportation in Saud Arabia and elsewhere in the Middle East; and now a raw slaughter in Libya.

The root causes for amassed exodus and our national degradation are emanating from an increasing social- and economic inequality and violation of human rights and dignity. It is merely the outcome of cumulative dysfunctional policies of the current EPRDF/TPLF regime that outplayed the legal framework of its own constitution. About 64% of Ethiopia’s population is under the ages of 24 year. The increasing youth unemployment rate, the shrinking democratic space in the country, and losing the hope on future are the main driving factors for youth to leave their country for unknown future. In contrast, the regime is bragging over the double digit economic growth; while suffocating non-economic requirements for economic growth and human development such as independent public institutions, the rights of civil society organization, human rights and freedom of expression and others aspects of accountabilities related to biased policy implementations.

The current biased policy which is based on ruling in the interest few elites with rampant corruption and promoting political and economic exclusion of the majority cannot be considered as sustainable development. Those who praise what is going on in Ethiopia as democratic improvement should revisit their sources as well as should be held accountable for prolonging the agony of the Ethiopian people.

The coming 2015 election is nothing more than a showcase for international political consumption. However, in reality is about to consolidate more economic- and political power; narrowing the political space and crashing the political opposition groups. Thus a chance for national reconciliation, inclusive political dialog and public participation on future direction of our country seems to be utterly unlikely.

  • The APP, condemns not only the terrorists outside our country but also state run terrorism carried out in Ethiopia which contributes to the suffering of our people inside and outside by the negligence and bigotry of the ruling party.
  • We believe that our destiny and our better future is in our hands and we need to unify our struggle more than ever to fight injustice until our social values and our national dignity is restored.
  • We call on all international community to take the case of Ethiopia seriously, before an intensified civil war and collapse. The conflict and collapse of Ethiopia undoubtedly will cause a huge turmoil internally and beyond its borders.

Afar People’s Party