Professor Tecola or Teculla Hagos? and his Cyber Kangaroo Court

Professor Tecola or Teculla Hagos? and his Cyber Kangaroo Court
May 26, 2015

Professor Tecola Hagos, I sincerely believe you will do yourself a favor to find your Ethiopian roots Woyane chewed, swallowed, spit and trample over as we speak. It appears to confuse you to ask; ‘who am I?’ and rumbling and blaming everyone else but, yourself.

By Tesheme Debalke

The Professor-Philosopher of Ethiopia-Africa Tecola Hagos wrote recently “We (Ethiopians) get the government we deserve?” — insulting Ethiopians continued unabated.

From the outset, we shouldn’t look at Tecola’s scribble in isolation from the slash-burn political culture of his generations, particularly the ethnic elites he represents. At the meantime, we can’t take it seriously like we don’t with comedians. But, our silence made it possible for comedy to become real at enormous cost to the lives and livelihood of our people.

The Professor rant– wondering all over the world map, political systems, ethnic identity, right and wrong and crime and punishment shows confusion, identity crises, over inflated political ambition and self-serving of all kinds combined in one. But, it doesn’t stop there; crossing the last frontier of insanity– like an arsonist coming as fire fighter on the same fire he started and blaming everyone else but himself.

I am not sure where to start with the Professor’s latest scribble to make my point. The title itself made me laugh and wondered; when we Ethiopians did choose to deserve Woyane? The way I recall, it was the British, US and Arabs that gave us Woyane as gift to hell and the same Tecola was there to help them before and after whatever short period he professed to serve. But, to come back again to blame the same Ethiopians that protested we don’t deserve Woyane sounded more like the unofficial Honorary Judge Hagos convicting the innocent in the satellite Kangaroo Court of TPLF in Diaspora.

In regard to the conference presentation and substance there is nothing I can add more than what Professor Mesay Kebede honorably advised the Professor Tecola not to make a mockery of his profession before he watch the substance of the conference. I also noticed Professor Getachew Begashaw responded with Ethiopian class as I expected. I would like to appreciate both for their professionalism and wisdom of Ethiopians that sustained us for millenniums.

But, there are lots more to be said about Tecola’s rant regarding the participants of the conference and Ethiopians including Tygerians and Arabs and Zulus in general. I am not sure if I should give him credit for sparing our religious Faiths in the list of his insults or remind him to include our religious affiliation for his slash-and-burn rant. But, I will try to stick with the wisdom of Professor Mesay and Getachew not to cross the line more than necessary and as much as I can. As important as the issue is, I like to remind you I see it as a tasteless comedy — laughing at times and dangerous political jab – pointing out you attention as I go through the Professor rant.

Let me began with his outburst starting with;

“The Ethiopia’s national election is upon us in the Middle unprecedented cruelty and barbarism against defenseless Ethiopian migrants in Libya and South Africa. We have individually and collectively suffered the barbarism of some Arabs in Libya and the savagery of some Zulus in South Africa. This is only the tip of the iceberg, for things will turn out even worse unless we make some fundamental and profound changes in the leadership of the Ethiopian Government and in each of us Citizens of Ethiopia.”

He deliberately skipped the most important issue (the election) that wouldn’t serve his mission via the cruelty of the criminality of foreigners that murdered Ethiopians and the need for fundamental reform in the present leadership short of our votes and arm resistance to prepare us for his diversion — Ethiopia and Horn of Africa Conference’ attendees.

Quite frankly, I don’t know any Ethiopian that individually or collectively suffered by’ on the isolated ‘barbarism of Arabs in Libya or the savagery of Zulus in South Africa’ as he put it but, by the barbarism and savagery of the criminals in both countries and more so with Woyane’s at home for extended period. Yes, we were shocked and confused as Ethiopians and as human beings on cold blood murders of our people in the hands of criminals in Libya and South Africa as we are used to with crime of Woyane in Ethiopia. But, alike Tecola, we never accused Arabs or Zulus nor blamed Tygerians for barbarism and savagery Woyane as we were expected, that is how we role. But, if Tecola’s generalization of Arabs and Zulus is valid; how come he is not consistent to blame ‘Tygerians’ for ‘barbarism and savagery’ of Woyane? Could it be the poison of tribalism – ‘guilt by association’ Woyane style working in tribal mind?

With his own admission, the questionable Professor is selective when he applies the rule. I don’t know what they call that in academia? I know it is called perjury in court of law and hypocrisy in everyday language and comedians call it lying- your-ass.

As he rambled throughout the rest of his scribble — blaming Ethiopians, South Africans and Middle Eastern by their ethnicity and race when it suits him and switching back-and-forth to fit his delusional imagination and ambition, I noticed something deeply bothering him but, I can’t put my finger on it.
He goes on;

“Neither the past nor the future is real, what is eternal is the present. Even more so in human affaires that it is impossible to show the single causal nexus of events in any situation that involves thinking and rationality as is the case with almost all actions involving human beings. We did not deserve Emperor Haile Selassie; we did not deserve Mengistu Haile Mariam; we did not deserve Meles Zenawi; we did not deserve Hailemariam Desalegn either. Those characters are simply incidents of history. They just happened. There is nothing inevitable about any one of them ruling in Ethiopia. If we look into how they started out their individual lives, assuming for argument sake the reality of causal nexus, none of them was a likely candidate to become a leader. So much for epistemology and metaphysics”

The same Professor that made a career bashing the world renowned Emperor Menilk II conveniently started from Emperor Haile Selassie to tell us what we Ethiopians deserve or not. Along the way he wanted us to believe the self-professed none Ethiopian ‘character’ Melse Zenawi ‘just happened’ like the rest of our leaders to reinforce and fit his mission and fantasies. The well-orchestrated and executed Apartheid plan never seen in the longest history of the nation ‘just happened’ was the lamest excuse I never heard from anyone let alone from a Professor of history.

After he went all over the world map to prepare us for the ‘slaughter house’, he began with what motivated him to write in the first place. For sure, it wasn’t ‘the barbarism of some Arabs’ or ‘the savagery of some Zulus’ as he put it. Nor, his love for the country he claimed to ‘started from the scratch and preserved with his blood for 1000 years’. Definitely, it wasn’t to bring down the barbaric and savage Apartheid Woyane regime he love-to-hate. The whole exercise was to preempt what the Horn of African Conference participants would revile about Woyane. Short of calling them barbaric and savages like he did to the Arabs and the Zulus he said everything in the book of insult and slander and came right to the bombshell.

He said;

“The recent “Ethiopia and Horn of Africa Conference” was an experiment in futilities where I heard on video some “drum beating and saber rattling” by ageing scholars who could hardly swing their table knives. It is absolutely irresponsible to stock the fire of violence in Ethiopia while living at safe distance in the Good Old USA. I am not criticizing those individuals for ideas of taking action, but for their unrealistic fantasies. I wish they have learned a thing or two from ancient wisdom about “right” and “wrong” actions.”

Here, it was to note, all this rant is from the first clip he heard on unspecified video that motivated him to shoot-and-wound randomly and turned around to say ‘I didn’t mean it’; but, if only they learn from unidentified ‘ancient wisdom’ about ‘right and wrong action’ that he pulled out of his back pocket. I have a funny feeling the undisclosed “ancient wisdom of Right and Wrong” have its own ethnic identity and kilill too and it is not Ethiopian.

He went on with his evidence (research) and the main punch line (charges);

“In numerous essays and commentaries, I have expressed my skepticism about any opposition leadership capable of leading Ethiopia intact without leading it into an accelerated disintegration. I still maintain that skepticism especially after watching the participants and hearing some of their speeches. They are exclusively organized and a fringe population in the Diaspora from Addis Ababa and Gondar areas with a few Gurages and even fewer Oromos. It is a disturbing divisive faction that was thus assembled probably financed by Issayas Afeworki. They projected as a whole hate of Tygreans, not just the individuals in Power in Ethiopia, but all people “different” from them by their esoteric measurements. Why should anyone support such polarized group? I would sacrifice such a divisive and polarizing group if they are real treat to the continued existence of Ethiopia, my Motherland that we created from scratch and built and maintained with our blood for thousands of years.”

According to the Professors’ evidence– expressed by ‘numerous essays and commentaries’ he came up not with scientific findings but ‘skepticism’ and ‘ancient wisdom of right and wrong’ to conclude no capable opposition to lead Ethiopia intact exists. For a minute I thought the Professor was the judge in kangaroo back home that locked up 10000s of our people in Woyane degions.

As expected, the Honorable Cyber Supreme Court Judge extraordinary Hagos rendered a verdict of guilty as charged– especially ‘after he watched the participants of the Conference and hearing some of their speeches’.

That isn’t all; he went on to add additional charges of not only an attempt to overthrow the ‘constitutionally elected’ Woyane government but, hate crime against Tygreans by unidentified Ethiopians from Addis Ababa and Gonder area and few Gurages and fewer Oromos from their respective Kilils in collaboration with the ‘terrorist’ ringleader Issayas Afeworki based in the terrorist nation of Eritrea?

Quite frankly, I thought Woyane set up an Apartheid government in North America and appointed Professor Tecola Hagos as honorary transitional president and Supreme Court judge to go after Ethiopian terrorists in Diaspora? It feels like it.

Wait; it gets worst when Judge Hagos said;

“After watching in the video on the “Ethiopia and Horn of Africa Conference” such degree of exclusivity, narrowness of purpose, and association with a known enemy of Ethiopia, and naked unabashed hunger for power, I have now a different perspective in that we, who love Ethiopia warts and all, must rethink our attitude toward the current Ethiopian Government. I am suggesting that we need to approach the Parties in power in order to work with them improve their leadership and correct some of the harms they caused on Ethiopian citizens that we see and read about in the media. Better to correct the defects in the current Ethiopian Government leadership and maintain the integrity and continued existence of Ethiopia than allow to create disastrous conflicts and rebellion by such power hungry fantasy ridden, hateful bunch of over-educated, and over-experienced, deteriorating and ageing politicians represented arrogantly in the “Ethiopia and Horn of Africa Conference.”

Judge Tecola came up with yet more evidence against the Diaspora anti-Ethiopia ‘terrorist’ group plotting to ‘fracture the nation across Kilil lines and ultimately disintegrate into several ungovernable mini states’. The additional charge was’ exclusivity, narrowness of purpose, association with known enemy of Ethiopia and unabashed hunger for power’. Therefore, the eminent danger for Ethiopia (Woyane) forced him to rethink and suggest to reaching out to current government (Woyane). In short, judge Hagose love for Woyane resurrected — spewing ashes because of ‘ageing scholars that could hardly swing their table knives’ are so powerful to create conflict and rebellion?

I have to admit his scurvy humor of “ageing scholars who could hardly swing their table knives” and contradicting himself at the same sentence is hilarious coming from ageing professor-judge turn cyber comedian too. He reminds me of the late Melse’s dry humor to mask his inadequacy on serious issues.

Regardless, it is not clear whether he is trying to convey Woyane is mighty for the ageing scholars to take on or exhibiting his nightmares every time Ethiopians come together. But, to see an Ethiopian man of his caliber make a jackass out of himself is painful and hilarious at same time. He, like many is a causality of slash-and-burn ethnic politics for a common person. But, at the level of professorship in Western academia to swig wide — trampling on freedom of expression, due process of law, freedom of association…everything and anything in the book of democracy not to mention basic decency amount to insanity of the worst proportion.

It reminded me the famous British journalist and novelist Desmond Bagley saying; “If a man is a fool, you don’t train him out of being a fool by sending him to university. You merely turn him into a trained fool, ten times more dangerous.”

Hold on, I am not saying he is a fool or dangerous. I am making a point education have nothing to do with wisdom.

At the meantime, I couldn’t swallow when Tecola said “my Motherland that we created from scratch and built and maintained with our blood for thousands of years.” This coming from X-Woyane that violated every Ethiopian’s rule sounded more a ‘futility’ to rewrite his own history than Ethiopia’s. But, what do I know about history when Professor Tecola is in charge.

The way I see it, his whole rant was to tell us there is no alternative but to reform Apartheid by TPLF military force; if not Woyane manufactured hate among Ethiopians would result in accelerated disfigurations of the Ethiopia. Therefore, he is saying ‘we who love the Motherland’ should rethink and preserve Woyane and ‘improve its leadership’. In short, Woyane reformed is better than any other Ethiopian opposition to save Ethiopia. It appears he is spitting out the trigger mechanism as the architect of the whole plan to scare us to accept Woyane or else.

I don’t know what to make of all his akaki zeraf of Tecola, But, since he portrayed himself as a self-professed X-Woyane, a self-declared Ethiopian with mixed ethnic compotation, a self-appointed defender of ‘Tygerians’ from other Ethiopians, a self-professed lover of the ‘Motherland’ and defender of her integrity and a self-taught historian that is rewriting her history he should be treated as he wished until he comes up with yet another identity.

Surprisingly, one thing conveniently missing from his usual rant is Amharas he hated to love replaced by Gonder area. It isn’t clear whether it is a new strategy to further divide Ethiopians shifting his target from Showa to Gonder Amharas no one knows. Another twist in his scribble is Issayas Afeorki; not as leader of independent Eritrea nation Woyane warlords defend and idolize as a role model, not as kin of Tygerian of Hamassen extraction but, a crazed terrorists sponsoring leader conspiring with ‘fringe’ Ethiopians in Diaspora’s hate against Tygerians and the enemy of Ethiopia. I don’t know why Tecola is flipping. The last time I checked and still we Ethiopians believe Eritreans are our people not our enemies only Woyanes believe then and now otherwise. Our stand is costing us then and now every time Woyanes flips one way or another. Is Tecola saying we should make them our enemies just because he said so?

Why am I feeling he is not telling the truth?

It appears Emperor Menilk II is replaced by Issaya Afeorki as a bogyman to preserve Woyane. But again, my killil is Ethiopia with no ethnic identity what do I know? Could it be I am from Addis Ababa’ Killil to Tecolas liking’, I have to call him to tell me where he wanted me to be to fulfill his fantasy. I am afraid he is going to deprive me my Ethiopiawinet and put me in the new Killil called Diaspora.

It reminded me Berket Simon, ‘Eritrean’ national and the stateless Minster of Ethiopia. When Woyanes couldn’t find him Killil they put him in Amhara Killil and won the vote by over by 99% of the people. I don’t know the new election data but, Berket is popular to win by over 99 again. I always wonder how Berket voted against the Eritrean independence and choose to be Amhara. I have to ask the Motherland loving historian/judge/comedian Professor Tecola while he is at telling us about the Motherland haters Ethiopians.

Thus, it is not clear what he was referring when he said “we, who love Ethiopia warts and all”. For sure; he wasn’t accusing Woyanes as Ethiopian lover. He defiantly wasn’t referring the united Ethiopian oppositions he despise or what he calls the ‘fringe’ Diasporas that are exposing the rot of Woyane. Then, who is ‘we, who love her’? Or what love got to do with it? To confuse us further, and contrary to his previous belief he threw in ‘he belongs to those Motherland lovers that “created her from ‘scratch’ and built and maintained her with ‘our’ blood for thousands of years”.

It appears our Ethiopia history changed again from 100 years of Woyane’s to 1000s years Tecola’s and hopefully it remains there. It sounded our poor Motherland was created by Tecola’s family seating around a table drawing her on blue print. At least, give him credit; he didn’t say it is TPLF; unless he is insinuating to claim the gallant TPLF leaders fought for 1000 years to liberate the Motherland of…? Here goes the Historian Professor in a fishing expedition to nowhere digging more holes.

He reminded me 19th-century French writer Marie-Henri Beyle saying; “The first qualification for a historian is to have no ability to invent.” Tecola like many of his compatriots violated that too.

But, one thing that was crystal clear to me is his insult to ‘Tygerans’ as a collection of robots held hostage and gauged by TPLF in the killil Woyane caged them in. He not only believes they can’t think or speak for themselves in need of a frustrated lone ranger X-Woyane/historian/judge/jury/prosecutor and comedian Tecola to tell them who is Ethiopian, what the Motherland means, who their friends and enemies may be but, he will decide what their rights and responsibilities as Ethiopians and what kind of government they aspire for their people and country may be. Talk about a virtual tribal dictator/historian/judge/comedian running loos.

That is not all. The lone ranger Tecola that is free to insult every Ethiopian ethnic group I can think of; not to mention the barbaric Arabs, the savage Zulus and the misguided Westerners didn’t say a word about ‘Tygerian’ criminals assembled to robe Tigray/Ethiopia/Motherland… he loves or the scholars assemble to sell Tigray/Ethiopian/Motherland’s history he cherished for the highest bidder. Nor he reviled his ethnicity, his political affiliations and what institutions he belongs on the same constitution he helped write while dissecting every Ethiopian’s ethnicity he came across at the village level.

When it is convenient; he claims he is mixed ethnicity as if that would help him escape his confusion or offense. At the meantime, he is equipped and capable of identifying the ethnicity of the Horn of Africa Conference participants with specific details. When he isn’t sure of their ethnic ‘DNA’ to fit his imagination or mission; he throws them in Addis Ababa to make sure they don’t escape anywhere out of his bizarre fantasies. If you ask me, the ‘futility’ to preserve Woyane by all means necessary is showing, but, what do I know, I am Ethiopian then, now and forever. The question is, Could Tecola be a mistresses of Woyane? You be the judge.

It remind me the comedian Chris Rock saying “I don’t get high, but sometimes I wish I did. That way, when I messed up in life I would have an excuse. But right now there’s no rehab for stupidity.”

I don’t wish Tecola ill; after all he is Ethiopian and a causality of his own making like many. I am also aware of many off-the-wall Ethiopian intellectual elites, particularly the tribal elites ranting their frustration like him by making up fairytale history to fit their slash-and-burn politics at enormous cost to our people and the democratic struggle. But, as we can see, he is way off in the ‘fringe’ even by any one’s standard as human being, as an ‘Ethiopian’, as African and as an intellectual. The only sure thing one can say about him is he have hidden mission he wouldn’t want to revile in public. Therefore, his behavior is up for grab for anyone to figure out.

My take is; I am not sure with certainty if he is a confused Tecola the Ethiopian or Teculla the Woyane (x or not), but I have ‘skepticism’ as he put it. I also don’t know if he has any impact on Ethiopian politics besides to thwart Ethiopian’s struggle for democracy and preserve Woyane in one form or another and by all means. His scribble here I believe is an attempt to that end. But, what irritates me most is; some Ethiopian elites like him thinks we, Ethiopian are stupid for them to self-appoint themselves to speak on our behalf as he is doing claiming to defend or speak for Tygerians and Ethiopians when it suits him.

Quite frankly, we can’t blame him. After all, the only political game he knows is slash-and-burn of his generation and as a result, he is attempting to slash-and-burn his way up. But, when he conveniently mix ethnicity; he ended up slashing and burning Ethiopia and Ethiopians along the way like many of his compatriots. If you ask me, it is the single biggest danger Woyane brought to our people than anything I can think of, but what do I know, I am an Ethiopian with no ethnic affiliation and political ambition like the majority?

He reminds me British Labour politician Denis Healey’s rule “It is a good thing to follow the First Law of Holes: if you are in one, stop digging.” But, Tecola keep digging and digging until he bury himself out of existence or self-detract. His cry to preserve Woyane (he called it the leadership of Ethiopian government) his cry for help to get out of the hole he put himself in.

At this crossroad of our history to insult Ethiopians by their ethnicity as Tecola did with his latest rant proven he isn’t ready to redeem himself from his past– slash-and-burn ethnic politics of Woyane to join the democratic struggle.

What I would suggest for the Professor and people like him is to retire with whatever goodwill left of them and hope Ethiopians will leave you alone for the damage you caused. The way I see it, he like many is in a dilemma of what the Pakistani novelist Kamila Shamsie asked “How do you eat your roots?” Professor, you eat your own roots thanks to Woyane that helped you chew and digest it. Instead of digging hole and expecting the rest of Ethiopians to join you get out fast like many did.

That said; the Horn of Africa Conference you were crying about is neither the beginning nor the end until we find our roots Woyane eat. Instead of pretending to defend Tygerians from their own people and the rest of Ethiopians from ‘barbaric Arabs and savage Zulus’…, you should put your energy to defend them and us all from the ‘barbaric and savage’ Woyanes that eat our roots. Is that too much to ask?

Professor Tecola Hagos, I sincerely believe you need help and you will do yourself a favor to find your roots Woyane chewed, swallowed, spit and trample over as we speak — that appears to confuse you to ask; ‘who am I?’ and rumbling and blaming everyone but, yourself.

Trust me on that Professor, no real Ethiopian would associate TPLF or Woyane with the people of Tigray as you do. If you ask me, the worst thing you did in your life is accusing the beautiful Ethiopians gathered in the Ethiopia – Horn of Africa conference as root eating Ethiopians like you. Don’t get irrational and get mad. I am not a professor or learned person but, l can teach you a thing about Ethiopiawinet you missed while you were chasing something else. No Ethiopian give up his or her own people for anyone else like Woyane and that is how we roll. Didn’t you learn anything from the young Ethiopians in Libya to turn around to do the exact opposite? I am also disappointed with you to use the death of our people in Libya and South Africa that brought us together to score cheap political point like Woyane does.

Finally, Prof. Tecola, I suggest; have some grace of an Ethiopian by apologizing for all, the Arabs and Zulus you used and abused to insult, accuse, charge, convict and sentence Ethiopians in the conference from your cyber kangaroo court hiding in the good old USA.

If you are not Ethiopian enough to do that, you should be professional enough to respect the law granted for the accused (the conference participants) to face their accuser (you) in public or in court of law. Otherwise, what good would your Ethiopiawinet or professorship does if you don’t respect the Ethiopian rule- you shall not eat your own root and the law of the land – you shall not slander the character of people like Woyane violet it against our people at home and abroad? Wasn’t that what the Conference was addressing until you decided to interfere?

The lesson we all can learn from Tecola Hagos’ Cyber Kangaroo Court charge is we badly need accountability for our behaviors. Granted there are many Tecolas out there, we must setup the institutions to make them accountable as individuals and as the leader of their institution. Until then, slash-and-burn politics Tecola style will continue at enormous cost to our people.

I also advice my compatriots; silence is not an option. We must speak up and join the struggle. Otherwise, as Plato put it; “One of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors.” Didn’t we found out the hard way?

In that note, I respectfully request ESAT for more conferences not less, particularly on Accountability and the role of the Media to that end and urge my Ethiopian compatriots to participate in the political affair of our people than throwing mud from the outside and on each other.

The article is dedicated for participants on Ethiopia and Horn of Africa Conference that were charged, prosecuted and found guilt by Judge Tecola Hagos’ Cyber Kangaroo Court – more reasons for more conference to bring democracy and accountability to the people of Ethiopia.

Warning: Anyone that cross the line to insult or harm Ethiopia and Ethiopians by ethnicity, region, political stand, free speech and free assembly for cheap political, propaganda, economic benefit will be dealt with the same zeal or more. Try at your own risk