Ethiopian Forces Prevented Wounded Somalis From Recieving Medical Aid

By Diplomat

Ethiopian troops have blocked several cars ferrying wounded people en route to Guriel town of Galgadudud region, where these people were suppose to be treated .

Director of Istarliin Hospiatal in Guriel town, Ali Omar Tarabi who gave interview to Goobjoog Radio in Mogadishu said that eight wounded people were brought to their hospital for treatment.

Turabi said that the vehicles carrying several civilians who were injured in small villages close to the border between Somalia and Ethiopia, where forces from the Somali Regional State of Ethiopia and pastoralists have been fighting, were stopped were refused to proceed their journey to Guriel town.

Bloody battles continue between Somali tribes in the “western Somalia” region, which is also known as “the Somali region in Ethiopia,” while the Ethiopian forces ignite the flames of controversy and distraction among young Somalis in this region.