Ethiopia: Rape and Torture to Stop Dissent



Recent report from Ethiopia has revealed that a woman dissident has been raped by four of her prison guards. Previously, at least five cases of male political prisoners being raped/sodomized have been reported. The humiliation is done to break the dissidents once and for all. Together with this, reports coming from the notorious central/Maekelawi detention center, from the Kaliti and Kilinto prisons, from secret jails in Addis Abeba, Tigrai, Gamo Gofa, from Zwai, Dedesa, Holeta and Bir Sheleko, and other places all affirm that systematic and cruel torture is becoming widespread and routine.

While the previous military regime was a condemned practitioner of brutal torture, the present regime has become worse in all aspects. The violation of rights equals, if not surpasses, the fallen totalitarian regime. It holds more than 40,000 political prisoners and the practice of rape by soldiers in conflict areas like the Ogaden have been repeatedly reported. Sadly or expectedly, this is the regime that some donor countries
admire as democratic. Rape, torture, savage beatings, summary execution mutilation and maiming are all in the arsenal of the regime.

SOCEPP once again denounces the repressive and brutal regime in Addis Abeba and call on its benefactors to stop aiding rapists and murderers!