250 Ethiopian illegal aliens in prisons in Tanzania

By DailyNews

There are a total of 250 Ethiopians in various prisons in the country, Deputy Minister for Home Affairs, Mr Pereira Silima has said.

There are 68 in Kilimanjaro, 34 in Lindi, 70 in Tanga, 22 in Mbeya, 39 in Morogoro, one in Mwanza and 12 in Mara. Mr Silima was responding to a question from Ms Amina Clement (Koani-CCM), who sought to know how many Ethiopian illegal immigrants have been arrested and where they are being held.

She also asked to know steps taken after the illegal immigrants have completed serving their sentences. Deputy Minister Silima said so far 96 illegal immigrants have completed their sentences out of whom 91 are Ethiopians waiting for procedures to be complete before they can be deported back to their country.

He said previously the government would work with Kenyan government through the immigration department, to deport Ethiopians through Kenya by road but due to security fears this is not possible.

“The next step after the illegal immigrants complete their sentences is to deport them back to their country as directed by courts.

Initially we would use road transport through Kenya but due to security fears this is not possible, so we now use air transport,” he explained.

Mr Silima said there is a big wave of illegal immigrants from Ethiopia passing through Tanzania going to South Africa, which started in 2007.

He said a number of strategies are being employed by the government including boosting security along the country’s borders, taking to court and deporting illegal immigrants.

He said these steps have reduced the number of illegal immigrants passing through the country to other nations including South Africa.

He added that the government is also looking to provide working equipments to security personnel working along borders to bolster efforts to curb illegal immigrants from crossing into the country.