I beg your pardon… closet cavemen apologists of Woyane

I beg your pardon… closet cavemen apologists of Woyane

April 25, 2015

by Teshome Debalke

The war for freedom and democracy in Ethiopia is a war on cavemen in vile that stumbled in the modern age. Instead of crying for help out of their caves they might as well join civilization soon. Noting cavemen say or do will prevent the surrender of cavemen’s colony, noting.The war for freedom and democracy in Ethiopia

In the days of our deep sorrow in the death of our people on the hand of coward medieval savages that slaughtered them like sheep in the desert of Libya, my anger isn’t on the barbarian cavemen that showed their true color to the world. After all, we don’t expect goodwill and respect for humanity from mentally crazed Arab savages that veil their identity in the name of Islam. Only sub humans hide their identities and insult a religion for their savage behavior. The medieval thugs haven’t read the Holy Book nor know Islam is Ethiopian before their perverted minds misuse it for cold blood murder.

It isn’t uncommon criminals to use religion, ethnicity and race… as hiding places for their savagery. A large crowed is where they prefer to hide not to take responsibility for their crimes. For decades we witnessed their capability gabble up power and inflict pain and suffering the innocents.

If we think about it, the worst thing that happened to Ethiopians isn’t the savages in Libya, Saudi or South Africa killing our people but the barbarian Woyanes at home that hide behind ethnicity as ISs does behind religion. All have the same behavior, to kill and robe humanity in a cover of something. Take that veil away they are crazed cavemen civilization dealt with in many places. But, make no mistake, they have closet sympathizers that make them feel what they do is worth to advance their own twisted and primitive cause to fuel the fire to keep them alive.

Take the Woyane regime’s sympathizers and apologists that sustain medieval Apartheid regime. The cavemen did many worst things to our people than what the veiled barbarians did in the desert of Libya and Middle East. The Dedebit cavemen killed and continue to kill more Ethiopians behind ethnic veil than any barbaric Arab terrorists would ever imagined. They don’t deny that fact either — empowered by their closet cavemen sympathizers and apologists helping cover for them and fueling their act. Engrossed in their little cage Woyane locked them in; they go in-and-out of their caves acting like modern men in public and crazed cavemen in private — holding the latest technology on one hand and wielding hatchet on the other.

Confused what era they belong to, they go back-and-forth between Stone Age to Modern Age to justify their behavior. They are journalist in modern age and assassins in Stone Age, peacemakers in one but, assassins in another, businessmen in one but, raiders in another. They are PhDs in one but weapon of mass distraction in another… on and on; all going in-and-out their caves.

I discovered one closet caveman apologist of Woyane I knew for two decades. His public persona in the community was exceptional to qualify him as modern man. Educated and well dressed with good manners, I had so much respect for him it never crossed my mind he could ever be a caveman dressed up as modern man that live in the free world let alone a closet apologist of Woyane. Apparently I was embarrassingly wrong and apologized to those that warned me he is a caveman in a veil all along. I should have known better to identify the caveman early on.

Overtime, I learn; anyone that doesn’t have opinion or pretend ignorance on the ongoing crises Woyane cavemen brought to our country is a caveman in a veil himself. Having the opportunity to interrogate him, he, not only a closet caveman in a veil but, an extraordinary one to conceal it. I learned (better late than never) ethnic Apartheid colony exists because of cavemen like him. Ever since I have been catching one after another I never suspected in my wildest dream to find many. Surprisingly, I found out most live in the free world in their cave.

Tormented to live double-life in contradiction to modern civilization they live in, they go back-and-forth in their cave to sooth their pain and justify their behavior — covering up for the crimes of the cavemen regime. They don’t come out in public to show their faces only when they write something we read on their ‘Medias’ to detract the public or to spy on their targets. Looking carefully behind their veil you find a shallow cavemen that stumble in the modern world by accident. Cross-reference their public identity they use in the cyberspace they are nowhere to be found as if they left behind their identity in their caves.

What is interesting about the finding is the number of cavemen with untraceable identity. It is as if they live in caves in the middle of modern world out of the grid going in-and-out at night with no one noticing. It would be a good story title ‘cavemen colony in the mist of the modern world’. It gets better; there are practically no women that come out of the cave from the cavemen’s colony. Surprised by the finding, I went back two decades to see if my finding is valid. I was taken back to find out it is all men colony as if no women are allowed to come out.

It gets worse, in preparation for a separate article regarding the abuse our people face in the Arab world and beyond I was searching for the Diplomats that represent our country to see why none of them come out in public to speak or seek help from the Diaspora and the world the dire need of our people suffering, but, none can be found. The embassies don’t have websites to figure out who is in charge. Nor there is any information on the cyberspace to identify them except phone numbers and, a few unofficial e-mails. Not their names, pictures, and backgrounds; even to find out if they are Ethiopians. The official Foreign Ministry’s website lists them as follows: Beirut Lebanon: Consul General Asaminew Debele Bonssa. United Arab Emirates: Ambassador Abdulkadir Rizku. Saudi Arabia, Jeddah: Consul General Merwan Bedri. Riyadh: Ambassador Mohammad Hassan. Yemen Sana: Ambassador Hassan Abdella. Djibouti: Ambassador Suleiman Dedefo. Egypt: Ambassador Mohammed Derir. Kuwait: Mohammed Gudeta. UAE Dubai: Misganu Arga, Consul General. Somali Hargessa: Brig/Gen Berhe Tesfay. Garowe, Putland: Consul General Co. Asmelash W/Mehiret . North Sudan: Hailekiros Gessese. Uganda: Ambassador Degife Bula. Kenya: Shemsedin Ahmed. South Africa: Ambassador Dr. Yehsimebrat Mersha.

The Only Consulates with websites found are UAE www.ethcodu.com registered by Mohammed Ahmed and created in 2010 with Dubai address. It says; “Our website isn’t quite ready, but you can still…” and leaves a number. The other embassy with website is in Kenya www.ethioembnairobi.org registered by Monshasha Monshasha with P.O. Box address in Nairobi. The websites has nothing worthy that resemble an official Embassy of a nation run by individuals. But, the caveman turn Foreign Minister Dr. Tewdros Andualm is out on social Media rumbling in-and- out of caveman colony dressed up as modern man.

Imagine, what kind of regime that lasted over two decades doesn’t revile the identity of its Ambassadors and the service it provides to its citizens in the respective countries where our people are sent as indenture servants or driven out as refugees considered a government, better yet ‘democratic’ one?

Isn’t that alone enough proof to say the Apartheid colony run by ethnic cavemen that sell our people as slaves and chase them out of their country on the hands of ISs, human traffickers, pimps and human organ dealers to call it for what it is?

Have no illusion my people, there is no government in Ethiopia but cavemen colony with the help of foreigners and its apologists and we all know it. But, this article isn’t about the cavemen colony, enough is said before about it but, the cavemen apologists here in the free world in their own cave that hold the latest technology on one hand and hatchet on the other to sustain the Medieval ethnic Apartheid colony at home.

I still don’t understand why we Ethiopians spent too much time talking about the cavemen regime and too little about the cavemen apologists among us here in the free world. In fact, they are the primary reason why we are disfranchised not to do something about the suffering of our people all over the world including at home. Look them up at the usual Medias and cross-reference their fake name and credential in the cyberspace. They operate out of caves in the free world and nowhere to be found. If there is one thing Ethiopians must do; it is to setup a taskforce to find them wherever they are hiding and expose them to the world.

Occasionally they are forced to come out to sell whatever spoil they get their hands on or showing off what they accomplished robbing our people. Some of their front men show their faces to mislead — everything is hunky-dory to lure the gullibles. Behind their veil are cavemen out of their caves for their kill dressed up as contemporary men with the latest technology that comes handy.

It should be clear we failed to protect our people and defend our country from Midvale cavemen that sustain Apartheid colony’s divide-and-distract methods. Blaming each other is not going to change the reality until we change. Change means not looking for an excuse but find the cavemen from their hiding. That is why cavemen operate out of caves like ISs because they know they are committing crimes. That is why they undermine the freedom movements, the free press … that out them from their hidings. Take them out of their cave and strip them out their dresses they are cavemen with hitches.

It isn’t a mystery they look for cavemen like them to hide behind too. That is where many Ethiopians went wrong lured and trapped in the cave they put them in, particularly those from the Diaspora. Ethiopians can understand what it feels to be fooled by cavemen in modern world. Pure human greed has something to do with it. Stone Age mentality and moral bankruptcy plays even bigger roles but, whatever it is, it isn’t pretty. The solution is not to remain in a cave but breakout of it fast before the cave gives in.

Don’t get me wrong, if people want to remain cavemen it is their rights but, to expect, let alone force Ethiopians to live under cavemen colony is what Woyane and ISSs do, not modern humans. It is not going to happen. That is why Woyane cavemen have problem with Ethiopians. That is why their apologists not showing their faces hiding in their caves in shame.

My advice for cavemen apologist of Woyane is either remains in your cave by choice or break out fast. You can’t go in-and-out of your cave in the modern age and expect to have it both ways. You are either cavemen or modern men, there is nothing in between.

That said, the Woyane cavemen ruling Ethiopia showed their true color again denying recognize Ethiopians they drove out to be slaughtered by Arab cavemen in Libya. They have been doing it over-and-over again hiding in their caves. Ethiopians should be prepared to hear more horror story the cavemen regime’s apologists have been hiding to preserve the Midlevel Apartheid colony. Until we identify them and make them accountable our people will never be safe anywhere.

To illustrate what a cavemen apologist do best Awramba Times headline say it all, it says;

“Ethiopia should adopt a legislation that would ban disturbances on grieving mourners and memorial services”

Put a modern technology on the hands of cavemen you get the crises besieging our people, the Arab world and beyond.

The war for freedom and democracy in Ethiopia is a war on cavemen in vile that stumbled in the modern age. Instead of crying for help out of their caves they might as well join civilization soon. Noting cavemen say and do will prevent the surrender of cavemen’s colony, noting.

The article is dedicated to our fallen people on the hand of cavemen at home and abroad. Your sacrifices will remain the driving force for freedom and democracy to our people from modern day cavemen’s colony.