Ethiopia: ETTE to Construct New Duty-Free Mall

The Ethiopian Tourism Trading Enterprise (ETTE) is to construct new duty-free mall near Bole International Airport to expand its duty-free retail business, Capital reported.

“We decided to expand our duty-free businesses in relation with the massive expansion project of the airport terminal”, Assefa Guya, General Manager of ETTE told Capital.

The enterprise will provide a new line of duty-free items for its customers upon the completion of the expansion project. The enterprise also has plans to introduce heavy duty furniture, electronics equipments and vehicles at the duty-free mall.

The Privatization and Public Enterprises Supervising Agency, administers ETTE.

The enterprise has already began construction of a training center in the north eastern peripheries of Addis Ababa to train local people with hand crafts.

The enterprise earns USD one million every month from the sale of duty-free items. Over the past years, as the general manager said its profit has increased by three folds.

The enterprise has celebrated its Golden Jubilee last week by organizing a paintings exhibition at the National Theatre and with other series of events.

The Ethiopian Tourism Trading Enterprise has ten duty-free shops across Addis Ababa, with notable outlets at Bole International Airport, AU and ECA. 

ETTE is one of the oldest duty-free service providers in Africa and it has business relations with 60 international companies.