Ethiopia's Oromo Leaders Plan a Global Demonstration On May 9th

Ethiopia's Oromo Leaders Plan a Global Demonstration On May 9th

Following the Addis Ababa integrated master plan becoming public, Oromo students and the general public have decided to engage in a peaceful protest and non-violent means of voicing their concerns. The Oromos clearly understand that the “integrated plan” has the ultimate objective of permanently dispossessing and dislocating the Oromo people from their ancestral land. Very soon, the plan will systematically and swiftly transfer the historical ownership of the land from the hands of the Oromo to new-comers settling under the name of development. The plan carries a clear agenda, over a shorter range of time, to zero down Oromo population and their influence in the area.

Despite the ongoing peaceful protest against the plan and strict demand from the Oromo people as to the transparency and participation in making the plan, the government once again failed to come forward to answer the question. Instead, the government chose to intimidate into silence their voices and continued to jail them.. The regime further went out with a live bullet firing at high school and university students who are peacefully claiming their constitutional rights all across Oromia region. Reports are coming out that dozens of

To avoid a piecemeal actions of protests, it has been decided to launch a peaceful public protest all around the globe this coming 9th of May 2014 under a slogan “March4Finfinne”. Therefore, we call on all Oromo community, political parties, youth student union and all other friends of Oromo to come together and participate in this historical movement.

In this occasion, students and other freedom fighters in Oromia who are risking their lives by confronting criminal thugs on a spree of killings urge the diaspora to engage in diplomacy and advocacy to let the world know of their agony. This is the best the diaspora can contribute in the ongoing protest against the ‘integrated plan’.