Ethiopian Regime Assigns Colonel Tesfaye To Crush Oromo Protests

TPLF Col. Gebre Yohannes

Ethiopia: TPLF Assigns Colonel Tesfaye To Crush Oromo Protests

By Jawar Mohammed,

We have received official document from credible source that shows a certain Colonel Tesfaye, has been assigned as coordinator of a 'command post' established to crash ‪#‎OromoProtest‬ in Oromia regional state. The 'command post' is made up of 9 people. Muktar Kadir is assigned to lead the 'political response', while the mysterious Col Tesfaye has brought all security entities under his command. Below is list of members of the command post.
  1. Muktar Kadir 
  2. Nuree Qamar 
  3. Zalalem Jamane 
  4. Col. Tasfayee 
  5. Addisu Badhaasaa 
  6. Fiqaduu Saboqa
  7. Ibrahim Hajii 
  8. Raabiyaa Iisaa 
  9. Obbo Jamaal Abbaasoo
Strangely only this Colonel is listed without last name. In fact every source we asked so far says he is simply addressed as Col. Tesfaye. However our sources say he is a veteran TPLF commander within the military intelligence unit. We have evidence that Col. Tesfaye authorized the use of lethal force against civilians during the Ambo protest.

As our legal professionals prepare to take the matter to appropriate human rights court, we need to gather as much information and evidence against those ordering and perpetuating the ongoing heinous crime against defenseless civilians. Lets start with Col Tesfaye. Please cooperate with us in identifying this person by sending us pictures, his middle and last name, place of birth and current residence, details of his family, past involvement, source of wealth etc. Basically any thing and every thing you know about this guy will be helpful to launch full investigation into his criminal activities. We will post his picture and other bio data as soon as we receive it in order encourage inflow of more information.

In addition to Col. Tesfaye, we need as much information as possible on each of the above mentioned individuals. Please send us their mobile and house phone. We promise to make available to public so that they can hear your concerns and complaints.

Also if you know them personally or related to them, give them last warning. They will be held accountable for every violent action perpetuated under the leadership this command post. We have let it slide when those participated in past human rights violation ran away and took asylum in our midst. After consciously participating in such crime, they should not expect asylum when TPLF throws them out like their predecessors.

Thank you
Justice must be served!

Ethiopia: Government Massacre in Ambo Feared to have claimed 20 Lives

Ethiopia: Government Massacre in Ambo Feared to have claimed 20 Lives

By Jawar Mohammed:

‪#‎OromoProtests‬ Update: Death at from yesterday's massacre in Ambo feared to have been as high as 20 and in Robe (Bale) 3 death is reported. Addis Ababa University students stage protest ( picture below). At Haromaya University an explosion took place wounding scores of students watching soccer game; death reported but number unconfirmed. Dire Dawa University-about 300 students are said have been taken to jail. Heavy police and military presence across college campuses and city centers across the country.

Ethiopia's Oromo Leaders Plan a Global Demonstration On May 9th

Ethiopia's Oromo Leaders Plan a Global Demonstration On May 9th

Following the Addis Ababa integrated master plan becoming public, Oromo students and the general public have decided to engage in a peaceful protest and non-violent means of voicing their concerns. The Oromos clearly understand that the “integrated plan” has the ultimate objective of permanently dispossessing and dislocating the Oromo people from their ancestral land. Very soon, the plan will systematically and swiftly transfer the historical ownership of the land from the hands of the Oromo to new-comers settling under the name of development. The plan carries a clear agenda, over a shorter range of time, to zero down Oromo population and their influence in the area.

Despite the ongoing peaceful protest against the plan and strict demand from the Oromo people as to the transparency and participation in making the plan, the government once again failed to come forward to answer the question. Instead, the government chose to intimidate into silence their voices and continued to jail them.. The regime further went out with a live bullet firing at high school and university students who are peacefully claiming their constitutional rights all across Oromia region. Reports are coming out that dozens of

To avoid a piecemeal actions of protests, it has been decided to launch a peaceful public protest all around the globe this coming 9th of May 2014 under a slogan “March4Finfinne”. Therefore, we call on all Oromo community, political parties, youth student union and all other friends of Oromo to come together and participate in this historical movement.

In this occasion, students and other freedom fighters in Oromia who are risking their lives by confronting criminal thugs on a spree of killings urge the diaspora to engage in diplomacy and advocacy to let the world know of their agony. This is the best the diaspora can contribute in the ongoing protest against the ‘integrated plan’.

Ethiopia's Military Kills Over 30 Student Protesters in Ambo

Ethiopia's Military Kills Over 30 Student Protesters in Ambo 

Eye witness reported that Ethiopian military force opened live bullets killing more than 30 civilians in Ambo city, 80km west of Addis Ababa. A dozen more were injured. Similar situations were reported in many part of Oromia region. In Robe city, for instance, two people were killed by government force, eye witness reported. The death toll rises as news come to public. Many Diaspora Oromo’s attempt to contact their families in Ambo was fruitless. Telephone and internet communication system were shut down.

Tension grows every minute as the standoff between government special military forces and university students continues throughout Oromia region. For the last several weeks thousands of ethnic Oromo University students have been protesting the recently announced government "integrated development master plan" to expand Addis Ababa, capital city of Ethiopia. Students accuse the plan as an extension of wide spread land grab observed in the country over the last two decades.

At the onset of this month, it is recalled that Ethiopian government announced this controversial master plan to expand Addis Ababa. This integrated master plan, if implemented, is expected to increase the current city size by 20 folds, from current 54000 to 1.1 million hectares. The plan is designed to include small cities and provinces around the outskirt of Addis Ababa, which otherwise were part of Oromia regional state. It is estimated that more two million peasants and farmers will be affected by the plan.

Soon after government announced the plan, several thousands of Oromo university students throughout Oromia regional state expressed their objections through peaceful protest. Ignited by Students at Jimma University, the protest immediately spread to the rest of Universities in the region. Today, students at Jimma, Aromaya, Ambo, Wallaga, Adama, Mada Walabu and other universities are crowding streets in their respective cities. The protest is not limited to university students. According to local sources, high school and elementary students along with local residents have joined the protest. Evidently, eye witness reported the biggest protest held in Ambo. Organized by Ambo university students, it is estimated that more than 25000 people have taken part in the protest. Grueling news continues to surface on social media. Sound recorded of women and children screaming and crying have circulated on social media. It is heart breaking to listen to it.

Despite peaceful protest, it was reported that government deployed special military force to every Oromia zones. Many accuse this sect of military force for their long reputation of arresting and slaughtering civilians.

Brief historical and political context will ameliorate understanding the resistance of Oromo students to the integrated master plan. Addis Ababa was founded at the down of last century by emperor Menelik-‖ and his wife Taytu conquering the indigenous Oromo people. Precedent to its foundation, Addis Ababa was home to Oromo’s, one of the largest ethnic groups in Ethiopia. Prominent Oromo tribes like Gulleles and Galans were inhabitant of the land. Through time comes urbanization and industrialization whereby these indigenous people were pushed and replaced by new settlers. Robbed of their land, many of these people were fated to servitude and laborers. The grievance of Oromo people is not only losing their land but also their language and culture. Affaan Oromo, the Oromo language, was replaced with Amharic, the language spoken by conquerors. Close insight into Ethiopian political stability sustains around long poised questions of Oromos to regain their political and economic rights to their land and resources.

Current Ethiopian government is ethnic based federalism with about 14 regional states. Per the country’s constitution, these “autonomous” regional states are to govern their respective regions. Addis Ababa is a federal administrative city with special constitutional and historical tie to Oromia regional state. Before forced relocation to Adama in 2001, Oromia regional government, Caffe Oromia, was residing in Addis Ababa. The tie between Oromia regional state and Addis Ababa city administration goes beyond constitutional and historical dependency. Addis Ababa city is entirely dependent on Oromia regional state for other services. Today almost all electric power, water supply and other infrastructural raw materials come from Oromia region. Ethiopian constitution states that Oromia regional state is to “take part” in the city administrative decisions.

Despite these historical, constitutional and economic ties, Oromia regional government were devoid of any decision making process over Addis Ababa administration. Many Oromos argue that the TPLF (Tigray People Libration Front) lead government is impotent in respecting interests of Oromia regional state. The students accuse the plan is secretly developed for the last five years without involvement from Oromia regional government. More so are the major stake holders, the farmers, who were completely excluded in the decision making process. Many argue that even OPDO members, the infamous Oromo organization that was cherry picked by the ruling part to govern Oromo people, were kept in the dark.

Accused of nepotism, the ruling party and affiliate elites have engaged in extensive land grab for the last two decades. Under the pretext of developments and privatizations several thousands, if not millions of hectares of land were sold to investors without sufficient compensation for the farmers. Few government agents and affiliates become millioners over night while voiceless Oromo farmers face destitution of poverty. Extensive land grab is especially true in Oromia region. Without sufficient requital for the farmers, it has been reported that thousands of Oromo household have relinquished their land to foreign investors. The current paradoxical saying of the region goes “Oromia prosper while Oromos impoverish”.

Current student protest against the master plan is partly the extension of government involvement in extensive land grab. Student claims that the plan is a land grab disguised under development. If not, the students argue, there is no legal or social justification to include this small cities and provinces under Addis Ababa city administration for development.