Ethiopian Victims Tell Horrifying Stories From Yemen

Ethiopian Victims Tell Horrifying Stories From Yemen

***Translated from Arabic***

Stories are still present and the suffering of Africans and continuous Pfsolha and despite the horrific details of the efforts to terminate or mitigate at best, and the preoccupation of the media in highlighting the stories of those most brutal.

City remain pitted adjacent to Saudi Arabia, a vital theater and incubators for many of those chapters tragic and criminal against the Africans who are looking for a way to reach Saudi Arabia in search of work due to their home countries experiencing instability and deteriorating economic conditions.

Our "online source" has published a special file for the suffering of Africans who try to sneak into Saudi Arabia, where they fall prey in the hands of smugglers, who torture them to extort ransom from their relatives in Saudi Arabia for their release.

Those reports led to the interaction of a number of human rights organizations in their case, it quickly faded that interest, while still present survival of the tragedy of those practices against Africans of both [deleted], particularly in the Directorate pitted.

"Almusdronlein" was able to Adahl to the vicinity of the smugglers, despite the terrible risks that Raafqatna, in order to shed light on these crimes of unspeakable affront to humanity, and stood on many of those crimes and violations that take place in the next two private right of states of Somalia and Ethiopia.

Backyard smuggling 

Courtyards where we are owned and smugglers, is a brick fence between 15 meters long and 20 meters wide, and lacks those Alohawwac to Tonic 'Matt human life, including the need for places to spend.

Says one of the smugglers, who declined to be named and photographed, for "online source" is that of Africans in the grip of the smugglers to come by these courtyards and remain the days.

Those suffering often begins from the Mocha, while disparaging their feet after a long travel across the sea to begin their journey by land and new long distances of up to many of them more than ten days on foot.

Walking on a journey of suffering this without the presence of increased appointed from eating and drinking only what incredible by restaurant owners and some of the houses along the road, some of them dying of starvation and thirst and burning heat of the sun, he says some evaders.

SR 2500 for every person held hostage 

He revealed getaway for the coordination between the smugglers in Mocha and others in the pitted; where smugglers in Mocha receives money in exchange of captured Africans arriving at Mocha and handed over to other smugglers pitted.

He added that the smugglers Mocha take routes to reach the official pitted, and once they are thrown Palmthrbin in those courtyards, the series begins to blackmail them by asking them to contact their relatives expatriates in Saudi Arabia for their redemption 2,500 SR for their release.

Types of torture 

He added: "If the victims' families are unable to pay the demanded ransom amount, the smugglers expose them to more severe forms of torture and then leave them out in the open under the hot sun for days without food and starve them to death. They dump their bodies in holes and cover it with rocks. If the smugglers don't receive the ransom they torture the victims by pouring melted plastic on their bodies to cause excruciating pain. "

Girls raped in front of their parents 

Did not hide his getaway us all the practices carried out by the smugglers, he said: "When there is a migrant with his sister or a wife or a daugther, the torment multiplies, where the girls and women are raped in front of their parents or husbands to force their relatives send the demanded amount of ransom."

While local sources confirm that the migrant women are always raped whether the ransom is paid or not.

The sources that "in case he could not migrants of payments being tortured many of them die from the severity of the torture, and some of them work herding sheep and work in farms, others sold to smugglers in Saada for SR 300 a person."

Getaway who met the "source" talked about that a lot of African-dodgers who are handed over to traffickers Saada are being recruited by the Houthi group, and involvement in many of the battles they are waging against the low wages and house them and provide them with food and drink.

Also, some of those who benefit from the despair of them are doing their Order to the Saudi border and get rid of them randomly without taking into account what fate awaits them from.

Eight days on foot 

We met some Africans who walk long distances in the streets, spoke to us one of them saying: "We are walking long distances, more than eight days, some volunteers took us, and when we arrived near the checkpoints are Banzna, the start of a new walking, our feet Taataftr and the swell of the large number of walking ".

He added that he and all his colleagues do not have any amounts not eat nor drink, but which provides them with some of the owners of restaurants and houses located near the road.

We learned that Ethiopian migrants deny their nationality by posing as Somali, because Somali migrants are granted automatic asylum once they land in Yemen, whereas Ethiopians and other Africans are penalized for entering the country illegally and are unable to challenge their detention.

Ali Djabur, media and one of the sons pitted, talked about the suffering of the Evaders Africans, saying: "It is true that African immigrants entering our country illegally, but that does not relieve us of to stand by them and defend their rights, out of a sense of duty to the human right to life of every human being."

"We demand that the state quickly to address this problem and reduce the crimes which they are exposed," stressing that "the smugglers are a bunch of weak-minded people invented this shameful and contrary to the values ​​and ethics of Islamic and humanity, in order to bring in money tainted with the blood and sufferings of a group of people, whose only offense that destined uprooted from their homes and threw them in the hands of these wolves. "

He said: "Ahacrunhm Caldwab death in the backyard, and there conducts gruesome torture and humiliation, girls are also subjected to rape, and lucky to be able to communicate with his family and his life Evtdoa Akhalsou from the grip of these criminal gangs," he said.

Yahya Sinai Campaign, a human rights activist from the sons pitted, confirmed that the phenomenon had begun to fade, but they came back these days, and are striking.

He called Sinai Campaign humanitarian organizations and the media to highlight this phenomenon to reduce them and fight them unless they will increase in the proliferation and expansion, in the presence of smugglers pasturing of the sufferings of these innocent Africans.

Syrians line smuggling 

New cases of smuggling and smugglers in the smuggling is pitted Syrians, and exorbitant amounts, where many of them are smuggled, and concern for the speed of smuggling; fact that the Syrians are proficient in Arabic, and they can identify the names of smugglers and regions, according to a Dodgers spoke to us.

So, Smugglers are keen to speed the completion of the task to expose them to the smugglers in the other place, which borders Saudi Arabia. Africans smugglers .. stories and terrifying tales.