Al-Shabab kills over 100 people in Westgate Mall in Nairobi

September 21, 2013  — The armed group al-Shabab has claimed it has killed over 100 people in a Naroibi shopping center Saturday evening, in one of the largest attacks on Kenyan soil in recent years.

According to their spokesperson on Twitter, the militants attacked the mall for what they say is retribution for the innocent Muslim lives shelled by Kenyan jets in Lower Juba.

The group says it only attacked "Kuffar" (non-Muslims) and says its fighters will not accept any negotiations with the Kenyan government.

Local reports indicate at least 500 people have been shot and 24 killed, while hundreds are being held captive by the militant group.

Westgate mall is Kenya's most upscale shopping center. Many expats and foreigners frequent the mall which likely made it an idle target for the group.