Reuter's Aaron Maasho is an Ethiopian regime propagandist

It seems many Ethiopians, Eritreans and Somalis have been complaining about Reuters' Aaron Maasho of late. In a country with no independent media and hundreds of journalists languishing in prisons or forced to flee into exile, people are starting to question whether Aaron's neutrality has been compromised. Indeed, his articles tend to read as if the Ethiopian Foreign Ministry had wrote it himself.  So it shouldn't come as a surprise that Mohammed Ademo, a U.S.-based Ethiopian journalist, writes about Aaron's biases in covering the Ethiopian Muslim demonstrations.

"...I am getting incredibly irritated by his one-sided reports about Ethiopian Muslims‬. I am generally annoyed by ‪AddisAbaba‬-based foreign correspondents, who seem to be afraid to leave the capital, even when there are big stories like the death of over a dozen protesters in Kofele last week or the displacement of hundreds in Benishangul Gumuz, etc. The people of Ethiopia deserve better. Your global audience deserve better. Stop "covering" the entire country as if there are no stories "fit to print" if you did not quote Shimeles Kemal or Bereket Simon. Worse remember there are so many stories, outside of Addis Ababa and federal government, that are waiting to be told. Millions of voices yearning to be heard. After all how is yours different from parachute journalism them? It would be unfair here if I did not mention Bloomberg's William Davison who has gone to the Gumuz region more than once this year and even Kofele most recently.

I am totally fine with official statements, I would quote it too if I were in Aaron's position because I understand the rationale especially given the difficulty of acquiring information in Ethiopia but dear Reuters why devote the entire article to rewriting government talking points in this case? Where is balance? Where is the voice of the protesters? Eyewitness accounts? It seems like Aaron was at Addis Ababa stadium this morning to observe a heavy military presence but why didn't he ask the protesters for comment?

On Kofele, Aaron writes, "government officials said Muslims wielding machetes and arms clashed with police, killing police officers and civilians" – omg should we all be concerned?! These machete wielding monsters are killing police officers? Is that the point, Aaron?! How about doing a simple due diligence and taking the bus down to Kofele? It's a half day trip. Do you need phone numbers for locals, including the family of a child and mother shot by police - with a gun, not machete?"