Over 4,600 Ethiopian refugees have entered Eritrea for the month of June

128 Ethiopian refugees entering Eritrea, June 29, 2013
July 7, 2013  — A record-breaking 4,634 Ethiopian refugees and asylum seekers have crossed into neighboring Eritrea for the month of June, opposition sources in Asmara have disclosed.

Eritrea, with is currently housing tens of thousands of Ethiopian refugees, have declined to comment about the alarming number of Ethiopian youth entering their borders.

Severe government oppression and lack of economic opportunities are the leading causes of youth fleeing Ethiopia, according to refugees inside the country.

On average, over 7,100 Ethiopian refugees have been fleeing towards Yemen each month, according to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees.

Over the past few years, reports indicate a quarter of a million Ethiopian refugees have crossed into Yemen, making the country of 85 million the biggest exporter of refugees on the continent.

Despite the growing figures of Ethiopian youth fleeing their homeland, little attention is given in the media due to Addis Ababa's cordial relationship with Washington.

Ethiopia is on pace to see 100,000 of its citizens flee towards Yemen in 2013

Ethiopian refugees crossing into Eritrea
Ethiopian refugees of the Tigray ethnic group inside Eritrea

Perhaps, the biggest indication of how large Ethiopia's refugee problem into Eritrea has gotten comes from a video released by the Tigray Peoples Democratic Movement. At least 6,000 TPDM rebels can be seen in just one of their bases in Eritrea. All these fighters were former military defectors or refugees who entered the country between 2001-2013.