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The Ethiopian Broadcasting Service (EBS) is an Ethiopian diaspora TV channel based in Maryland. Established in 2008, EBS is broadcasted in Amharic, the national language of Ethiopia. It says its aims to promote Ethiopian and other African countries’ values, traditions and cultures.

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Afar man shot and killed by Ethiopian troops for airing his grievances

June 16, 2013  — A 38-year-old Afar man named Ahmed Abdullah was shot and killed by regime forces three days ago. The father of three children was killed after he made the fatal error of airing his grievances of previous killings of Afar people in his region. After shooting his chest and abdomen 12 times, the soldiers urinated and threw stones at his lifeless body. The man seen next his body is his friend, who was summoned to collect his body.

Ethiopia's Afar region is plagued by secessionist rebels who accuse Addis Ababa of ethnic cleansing of their people. Numerous Afar villages have been raided and given to Tigray peasants, where the core of the regime's members hail from. Human rights agencies and independent observers are banned from entering contested regions in order to hide the mass crimes the regime is conducting.

 The Afar region, like the Ogaden, are both described as "giant prisons" by think tanks and a is a no-go area for journalists and independent observers. The government has been conducting summary executions and torture against Afar civilians without much condemnation or criticism from the West. This silence has only embolden the oppressive regime to continue its human rights violations with impunity.

Ethiopians in Adwa protest against Egypt

Updated: removed partial content due to our source for this story having credibility issues. 

June 7, 2013 —A small crowd of Ethiopian demonstrators gathered on Friday in Adwa, Tigray, a symbolic area where most of the ruling party members and their core supporters hail from. 

The demonstrators came together after Egypt's opposition party suggested on live state TV to sabotage The Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam and arm a number of Ethiopian rebel groups.

"Egypt needs to stop meddling in our internal affairs. We will build this dam and there's nothing they can say or do to reverse this. We will develop our land or die trying", one passionate protesters said by phone.

Relations between Egypt and Ethiopia have been strained after Addis Ababa unilaterally began to siphon water away from its Nile tributaries last week. Egyptians fear the new dam, which is currently 21% complete, will have a devastating impact on the Sudan and Egypt.

Ethiopian police detaining civilians who refused to pay bonds to fiance
 the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam