Meles Zenawi's grave sight vandalized by activists

January 18, 2012 — Young activists vandalized the grave sight of former Prime Minister Meles Zenawi yesterday morning, witnesses said by phone.

Witnesses reported seeing three young men spray painting Meles' grave with the word "dictator" in Amharic, then urinated on his tomb before fleeing the scene.

"They were quick and waited for a security lapse to vandalize Meles' grave", said Getachew, a cab driver in Addis Ababa who witnessed the crime unfold just before dawn.

Embarrassed by the brazen act, the regime rounded up and arrested a number of street kids nearby for questioning, while keeping a tight lid of the incident from the public.

Meles, who ruled Ethiopia with an iron fist for over 21 years, died shortly before midnight on August 20 from complications of liver cancer in Brussels, Belgium.

Meles Zenawi's grave sight in Addis Ababa - Credit: Daniel Berhane