Six Ethiopians killed, hundreds injured by government forces

October 23, 2012 — At least six Ethiopian protesters were killed and hundreds more were wounded after the federal police shot live rounds at unarmed civilians in the Wallo town of Garba, witnesses said on Monday.

The bloody crackdown took place late on Sunday, when members of the federal police clashed with thousands of Ethiopian demonstrators, making it the ninth incident in which federal police have used deadly force against protesters in recent months.

Witnesses say the demonstrators came together after the government assaulted local Muslim representatives who denounced the five delegates selected during the widely boycotted Mejlis elections held two weeks ago.

Claiming the government is committing oppression and interfering in their religion, millions of Ethiopian Muslims and some Christians, have staged weekly protests and Mosque sit-ins throughout the country for nearly a year.

Government officials regularly deny all charges and accuse the protesters of promoting extremism. Both claims can not be independently verified due to the government restricting access to the media in areas where demonstrations take place.