Eritrea Launches Horn TV, an Al-Jazeera-like Channel

October 18, 2012 — Eritrea launches Horn TV, a new channel aimed at the Horn of Africa audience, government sources have disclosed.

Under the banner of "Bringing the Horn of Africa together", Horn TV says its goals are to provide timely, objective and balanced news coverage for a regional audience.

The new channel runs on NileSat and broadcasts in the major languages of the region, including Tigrinya, Amharic, Somali, Afaan Oromo, English and Arabic.

Horn TV will provide any non-government aligned producers an opportunity to air their programmes on their channel free of charge without commercial interruptions.

So far Somali and Ethiopian opposition groups, including the popular ESAT network, have taken advantage of this opportunity provided by the Government of Eritrea.

Some have described Horn TV as a regional Al-Jazeera in the making, while others have dismissed it as a channel built to gain influence for Asmara.

Ethiopia, which regularly blocks several western and regional channels critical of the regime, will likely attempt to jam the broadcasts of this new channel, observers noted.


An online stream of this channel is coming real soon. In the meantime, to view this channel via your satellite dish, tune into these frequencies:

Frequency: 10815

Polarity: horizontal

Symbol Rate: 27500

Fec: 5/6

Horn TV launched to entertain, unite and inform the Horn of Africa audience