Meles Zenawi is 'terminally ill' with cancer

July 12, 2012 — Ethiopian dictator Meles Zenawi is secretly receiving medical treatment in Brussels this week, after the 57-year-old former guerrilla fighter was diagnosed with a severe case of blood cancer.

Adding creditably to reports of his deteriorating health, Meles has rescheduled all public appearances for the last two weeks, including presiding over his rubber-stamp parliament, an unprecedented move.

Meles, who has battled substance abuse his entire adult life, has not been publicly seen in weeks, raising speculation that his health is to blame. Sources say Meles suffers from a number of aliments, including blood cancer, brain tumor, type 2 diabetes and depression.

"I've been tipped off by his inner circle that his rapid weight loss and frail appearance of late is due to radical treatment being given to Meles in an attempt to save his life. Belgium doctors have informed him he is terminally ill and likely has 6-12 months to live. To put it bluntly: he's only buying time," said a source with ties to elusive Ethiopian National Intelligence and Security Service (ENISS).

It is not clear who would take over Ethiopia if Meles' health continues to spiral out of control. Sources say TPLF bigwigs are split among two factions: General Samora Yunis and the Head of Government Communications, Bereket Simon. With the head of ENISS backing General Samora Yenus, and rank and file politicians supporting Bereket Simon, conflict almost looks certain.

Reports indicate rebel groups in the country have increased assaults on military position after learning of Meles health deteriorating. One military clash last week between TPDM and EDF inside the Enticho district killed 43 EDF members and wounded dozens more.

Meles Zenawi is "terminally ill" with cancer