Meles Zenawi is terminally ill; not dead

Meles Zenawi is terminally ill; not dead

For several weeks, the regime in Addis Ababa has vigorously been denying reports of Meles' ailing health. Instead of being forthcoming and transparent like normal governments; the secretive oligarchy remained silent. But even under this strict mafia-style code of silence, loose lips were bound to sink their ship.

The first credible confirmation of Meles' aliment came from the Senegalese President Makcy Sall. After the aging premier failed attend the New Partnership for Africa's Development meeting last Saturday, President Sall informed participants he was unable to be present due "to health conditions."

The second credible verification of Meles deteriorating health troubles came from Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi, who sent a cable congratulating the ailing dictator for his "successful surgery in Germany."

The latest bit of information from the Telegraph news agency contradicts the Egyptian President's claim of Meles receiving surgery in Germany. Quoting an unnamed Western diplomat, the London-based news agency said: "Mr Zenawi is in Brussels receiving treatment.

Based on the scant information available, it's apparently clear Meles is in poor health. When you add the length of time he's been absent from the public spotlight, coupled with his severe weight loss and gaunt appearance of late, it's easy to conclude Meles' health has failed him and is battling some type of serious illness

Recently, the Texas-based Ethiopian National Transitional Council released an email press release claiming Meles had passed away. Our sources, however, indicate that he is still alive but is terminally ill from cancer.

Nevertheless, it will be interesting to see how the regime tries to spin the mounting evidence that indicates he is gravely ill. Tomorrow's scheduled press conference to 'inform' the public on his ailing health will likely be nothing more than the usual disinformation or downplaying that Ethiopians have been accustomed to. What the regime fails to understand is their lengthy silence on this matter already revealed more than we could imagine.

Dictator Meles Zenawi visibly thinner and frail