Ethiopia: Meles Zenawi was in a coma

Meles Zenawi was put under a medically-induced coma in Germany

July 16, 2012 — Ethiopian despot Meles Zenawi was put under a medically-induced coma last Wednesday, while undergoing major surgery in an undisclosed hospital in Germany, according to a source with ties to NISS.

"I can confirm with certainty that German doctors had put Meles in a medical-induced coma late last Wednesday, while they operated on him for six hours," our contact said by phone. "He is now on his way to Ethiopia," he added.

Citing high ranking intelligence officials, our source also reveled Meles has been visibly depressed for several weeks, after doctors informed him he is terminally ill from cancer and likely has 6-12 months to live.

Government officials have remained silent on Meles' health troubles. Questions from western news agencies have been ignored, leaving many opposition websites to speculate the aging premier is seriously ill.

After failing to appear at the opening of the NEPAD meeting on Saturday, Senegalese President Macky Sall gave the first government-level indication to Meles' illness after explaining the premier was unable to be present due "to health conditions." 

On Sunday, western news agencies began airing stories of Meles' failing health, when for the first time since assuming office in 1991, he did not attend the AU Summit. In place of him was Hailemariam Desalegn, the deputy prime minister who wields no real authority.

Dictator Meles Zenawi is terminally ill with cancer