Ethiopia: Meles in Brussels for Medical Visit

Ethiopia: Meles in Brussels for Medical Visit

9 June 2012 [ESAT News] Prime Minister Meles Zenawi is in Belgium’s capital Brussels for scheduled medical check-up, embassy sources disclosed to ESAT. Ambassador Berhane Gebrekristos, his trusted confidante and former head of the permanent delegation at Brussels, has travelled accompanying him. According to trusted embassy informants, Meles suffers from a tumour in his brain which requires him to do frequent medical travels to see his private doctor in Brussels.

Meles’s health condition is said to be deteriorating lately. The information we received from our sources say Meles makes secretive travels to Brussels using unofficial charter flights every three months for his medical visit. His travel is kept so secret that only a few TPLF insiders working in the embassy will have the information of his visit.

Only two months ago Meles’s secret medical visit to Brussels for medical purposes was divulged on Ginbot7 radio. The disclosure has caused a furore in the embassy ranks that it ended up costing the career of a Pilipino cook working for the mission and the job of an Ethiopian maid working at the ambassador’s residence.

According to our sources whenever he comes for unofficial medical visits Meles stays at the ambassador’s residence which has recently been refurbished with state of the art interior designs at a cost of 360,000 Euro.

It has been rumoured that Meles would relinquish his grip on power come 2015 election, however his party is already waging a subtle propaganda campaign to build a populist support of some sort to set him up yet for another term at the prime ministership.

Meles  Zenawi In Brussels for Tumor Treatment