Construction underway in Addis Ababa for AdCSI Building

 Construction underway in Addis Ababa for AdCSI Building

A new building is under construction in Addis Ababa's Piazza's district. The eight-story project is being funded by Addis Credit and Saving Institution (AdCSI), a local financial institution that will use this building as their new head quarters. With a price tag of $8 million dollars, this project is expected to be completed by mid-2012.

Unlike most developments going around Addis Ababa, this building will not have the tasteless glass-and-steel façades that dominate a building's exterior appearance, something Addis citizens have grown accustom to. It also does not neglect the importance of sidewalks and landscaping, which many Ethiopian construction firms seem to neglect. It will be interesting to see how this building will harmonize with its environment, considering it's being built in the Piazza district, an area completely dominated by 1930's Italian architecture.

Addis Ababa's Piazza district was originally built by the Italians during their occupation between 1936-1941. It features some art-deco buildings, but most buildings have been neglected and are in poor shape. The Government plans on demolishing much of Piazza's Italian-era development for newer ones.

AdCSI Building Final Design - (Photo: AdCSI)
Progress of AdCSI Building - (Photo: Yoniii)