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Eri-TV is an Eritrean Television channel broadcasting educational, national news and entertainment for Eritreans living domestically and abroad. Eri-TV mostly in Tigrinya, Tigre, English, Arabic, and occasionally produces Afaan Oromo, and Amharic news programs.

Eri-TV was established in 1992 and broadcasting began in 1993, with transmission originally being limited to Asmara and its surrounding areas. After 2003, Eri-TV started using satellite technology to broadcast globally and can be viewed for free via&nbsp Arab Satellite or through

Eritrea currently has two national TV stations called Eri-TV1 and Eri-TV2, with a third one expected to launch in 2012, which will be called Eri-TV3. Eri-TV2 is mostly for educational and cultural purposes and transmits only within Eritrea, while Eri-TV3 is expected to feature entertainment, such as reality tv shows featuring Eritrean youths, documentaries, music and other programs geared for Eritrean youth.

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