18 Ethiopian Refugees Found Dead

Eighteen Ethiopian refugees of the Oromo ethnic group have reportedly died from lack of  hydration along the Djibouti-Somaliland border.

The deputy district officer of that region, mr. Sa'id Abdirahman, along with local residents, have confirmed all eighteen Ethiopians died while attempting to enter Djibouti via Somaliland's Seyla’ district and that no Somali citizens were found among the dead.

Djibouti officials have reportedly arrived to the scene and have collected the bodies for proper burial.
Search for other survivors are ongoing as locals believe more than eighteen may have journeyed along with the group that were found deceased.

Annually, around 43,000 Ethiopian refugees flee and venture off to Somalia to attempt to make the treacherous gulf of Aden journey to Yemen. Most of the Ethiopian refugees who go this route are of the Oromo ethnic group (Ethiopia's largest ethnic group), who take this risky path to escape persecution from Ethiopia's repressive regime.